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Posted: Dec 03, 2012

Posted by Jake:

One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet, which I guess I should point out, is that this design isn't really new. It's the same design that our mobile website ( http://m.toodledo.com ) has had for almost a year. We didn't get any complaints about our mobile website, so we thought it was pretty good to standardize. Obviously we were wrong.

LOL - that is funny.

People don't like change and people these days give immediate reactions without giving proper consideration. And boy oh boy do they take it personally.

I too wasn't sure about the changes, possibly because I read the negative commentary, but after a few days, I have got to like them. Yes it isn't perfect, and the font should be changeable to suit people's choices but overall it's an improvement. The old blue colour was as a bit naff after all !

Jake - keep up the good work. Your APP is the best because you can slice & dice the information so powerfully & intuitively, keep up the good work.

Posted: Sep 21, 2012

Posted by Jake:
[quote]To enable Reminders Importing, go into "Settings" and tap on the "Siri & Reminders" row. If you do not see this row, then it means that your phone does not have Siri. Only the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have Siri.

I have an IPhone 4s and I do not see the Siri option under settings


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Posted: Aug 04, 2010

Not sure if others have suggested this but whilst the DONE key on the keyboard is useful , I find the lack of a RETURN key problematical when trying to create a list or note because their is no easy way to insert a line. Can you consider rectifying that ?