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Posted: Jul 15, 2009


I share your thoughts. Did you get any where with Toodledo about tweaking it differently?

The only thing I do different that what you described is...before I delegate to my EA I clone the task, than assign it and change my cloned version to state delegated. As I'm gathering my thoughts (pre-delegated) I put tasks for my EA in her folder (not assigned) and status is waiting.

That make sense?


Posted by Peter Scott:
I'm contemplating how to delegate tasks efficiently. I have a pro account and full sharing both ways with collaborators. But I'm missing something on delegation that I suspect isn't in Toodledo yet.

Ideal scene would be: Create task, assign it to collaborator, this makes a "linked" version of the task show up in my task list as "Delegated". When the collaborator marks it done my version goes to a status of "Ready for Review" or similar, at which point I can mark it completed or bounce it back.

When I assign a task I can't just forget about it. I need to know that I've delegated it. So I have to create another task for myself as a reminder, put it in my "Waiting For" folder, and find it when the assignee has completed the work. (An alternative would be to mark it using the Status field but it amounts to the same outcome.)

At the moment, my collaborator assigns a task back to me when they finish it so I get to see it. Unfortunately, assigning an existing task to a different collaborator makes it go into No Folder (with no way to reassign the folder), which is problematic.

Searching my collaborators' tasks for tasks assigned by me would be at best tedious. I hesitate to bring this up because this is a todo list not an enterprise workflow system, but still, collaboration is in Toodledo so I might as well see how far it goes.

Posted: May 07, 2009
From Topic: Goals With Folders

I recently started to plan out my monthly goals and yearly goals by using a folder called "May 2009 Goals," "2009," etc.

I have noticed this to be very helpful as I "get in the helicopter" and go to higher levels to view my work, life and objectives.

From here I print off that folder and plug in the actually tasks, contexts, folders etc. to get me toward achieving those goals.

Seems to have been a borderline Epiphany for me.