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Posted: Sep 18, 2009
From Topic: Changes "&" to "%26"!

Yes Anders, in regards to MMDESOFT support, I kind of had the same vibes when I asked a few questions early on and never heard anything from them and like you, it is also how I found Toodledo.
I use it, in combination with Toodledo, all of the time- at work, I'm on one or the other several times an hour as I track everything in them... this old head can't keep it all stored up there anymore.

Out of all of the To Do/Task apps I've tried, none of them do everything I'd like/use but Ultimate ToDo seems to be the closest, however, I have not tried the iphone 3.0 versions of any of them as I haven't updated the OS to 3 (my phone is jail broken and I like some of those features better than what 3 offers).

So, I guess until I find something better (or find additional problems I can't work around) and not count on any updates/fixes to the app.

Thanks again everyone!

Posted: Sep 17, 2009
From Topic: Changes "&" to "%26"!

The ToDo app I'm using is Ultimate ToDos- not Appigo (I actually have tried just about all of the ToDo apps and the app in combination with Toodledo works very well for me- currently run about 130-150 todos at any one time).(http://www.mmdesoft.com/ut/index.html)- I'll submit a bug report. Thanks for the help!

Posted: Sep 15, 2009
From Topic: Changes "&" to "%26"!

Thanks for the responses!

I am using a TO DO application on the iphone and sync with Toodledo.

If I enter text into the TO DO application that includes &
then after I sync, toodledo shows it as %26.

For example, I just created a to do on the phone with a subject line of:

& &

After I sync, in toodledo, the subject line is:

%26 %26

And, even if I make changes (on either end) and resync, the app on the iphone remains & and toodledo remains %26.

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Posted: Sep 14, 2009
From Topic: Changes "&" to "%26"!

Hello All,

Appears that Toodledo is changing the "&" to "%26", does anyone know why or how to prevent this from happening... is it a font thing?

Posted: Jan 26, 2009

How do you set the Time Due from the iPhone app?

I see and can set the Date Due but do not see where the Time Due can be set... Am I Just Missing It???