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Posted: Mar 11, 2013

Posted by Purveyor:
Posted by SimonFincham:
The 'Timer' field still isn't available on my iPhone - should it be?

Hi; very late posting a reply, sorry.

Yeah; I know of those fields, however, it's not there


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Posted: Mar 07, 2013

Posted by Jake:
Our 3.0.3 update was just approved by Apple, and it contains a 3x speed up of list loading. Please give it a try.

We have another updating that we are preparing right now that has some additional speed improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks. I've updated both iPad and iPhone to 3.0.3 and it's noticeably 'snappier'. Much of the slowness of the interface seems to have gone from the use I've had so far.

The 'Timer' field still isn't available on my iPhone - should it be? It's on the iPad.

Posted: Feb 26, 2013

I'm relatively relaxed and happy with the 3.0.2 update; it does seem to have some minor issues which I am sure can be redressed.

I can't any longer find the 'Timer' field in the iPhone app, however, it still exists in the iPad app?

I do also find that the app seems to 'hang' and enter a stalled state which didn't happen on the previous release. The longest hang is during sync where the interface becomes locked not actually during the sync but when the status bar confirms sync is complete; until that disappears it's not possible to do anything with the interface.

I am also finding the interface a combination of strangely oversensitive and unduly non responsive. For example, if I have a repeating task and want to complete it sometimes I tap near to the checkbox by mistake and immediately the task is completed by mistake; on the other hand some times I am trying to complete a task and it doesn't seem to accept a valid tap to mark the checkbox. I've already had a few instances where I've completed tasks I didn't want to because of this and I'm having to be extra careful until this is fixed up!

I'd quite like to be able to long-tap on a task and have some context options like 'Complete', 'Postpone' etc

Posted: Dec 05, 2012

Update submitted to Apple; details in this thread


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Posted: Dec 01, 2012

After a few days use I wanted to come back and comment further on this update.

In the last 9 months I've used quite a few different task management systems before settling on Toodledo. Some have undeniably better visuals in their apps, I totally agree. Trouble is it's all colour and graphical gymnastics and less on solid function.

Yes, I agree the v3 app is a little devoid of colour, but, whats of key importance to me is the functionality the app and it's ecosystem provide. This app and the systems behind it remain by far and away the most flexible and feature complete in the market; fact.

I'd like to pick up on an earlier comment where a user made reference to RTM and the iOS apps being far nicer to look at etc Yes, I would agree with that actually, visually they are very nice. The trouble is I personally found neither the iPhone nor the iPad app was stable. A crashing app is a total annoyance. I also had numerous issues with tasks duplicating and renewing tasks renewing on the wrong timescale.

I'm not in any way intending to bash other apps; RTM is a great system. My point is, yes, v3 of this app is a little lacking in colour; 5 pages of comments make repeated mention of this. The devs have advised they will solve this within 2 weeks. Surely whats of more importance is function. I have never seen this app crash. I have never had it (yet) mess with any of my tasks, they repeat correctly, complete correctly, emails that I send in are correctly added as tasks.

That is the most important thing to me, not wether the app has blue shading. For me, a flicker of colour aside, v3 is much easier to use than v2 and a huge step forward.

Posted: Dec 01, 2012

Posted by mco:
It turns out I really hate looking at "No start date, No due date, No location, doesn't repeat" for almost every entry. I don't find "Started" to be useful, as an actual start date would be. Why display all this useless verbiage?

Go into Settings, Fields & Defaults and you can make a choice to use or not use a field; further, the placement of those fields top to bottom dictates what is presented to you in the task list? Totally in your control; how great is that!

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

A great update; thanks very much.

Visually much more appealing to look at, I am confident as I use the app during today and onwards I will discover all the ways the app has been made better. Visually though; very nice!

By way of a small comment I have already noticed a minor point which is when the app is syncing, the final stage of the process when the sync bar reports success it freezes the apps whole interface for a few moments. It is a minor point though.

Thank you