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Posted: Aug 30, 2013
From Topic: GTD, Toodledo and 2DO

Hi to all,

I am a new Toodledo user and I have settled on using 2Do for my android phone, and probably later, on my iPad as well.

Howevr, given the differences between TD and 2do (e.g., no contexts in 2Do...), I was wondering how people using 2Do had set up the app to implement a GTD-like tool in both 2Do and TD.
I think I will spend most of my time in mobile apps, be it in Android or iPad, but at home I plan to use TD's web app.

Just to give you a bit of an idea: when I use a GTD app, I like to have folders for my areas of responsibilities, such as "Work", "Personal" and then subfolders with the projects and a single-action list. I also usually have folders such as "Someday", "Do it Now" (where I put the 3-X tasks I have flagged for the day)...

I also use both persons and tool- or location-based contexts, but I think I will be fine with tags.
However, what worries is for instance the lack of subfolders in TD compared to 2Do, so that, if I understood correctly, say I have a "Work" folder and then a "Work-Single Actions" project and then tasks within "Work Single-actions", I will have an issue in TD, right?
All suggestions are welcome!