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Posted: Dec 23, 2013

Oooo, and one other thing!

Can TaskUnifier Pro deal with my Saved Searches?

Posted: Dec 23, 2013

I'm thinking of taking on TaskUnifier Pro to sync my Gold Subscription, but I wanna look for any surprises first that might make me regret it afterwards. I'd be very interested in any feedback you guys can give me.

Does TaskUnifier deal with Lists, for example? If so, does it play fare? Same questions apply with Notes too.

Is TaskUnifier's people responsive to issues, and is it still actively developed?

I'd be interested in any observations or issues that any one finds that would be useful to me.

Many thanks.

Posted: Nov 06, 2013

Yes, I very much agree with all of the above. Thanks for how you've dealt with this.

I didn't see this announced on your twitter (which is how I keep up to speed with changes and announcements). As a result, I only fell on this announcement purely by chance.

An email out to your customers would also be a cool idea in future.

Many thanks, nonetheless.

Posted: Sep 25, 2013

Posted by vivendom.budget:
Please, could you add the ability to "Left bar can hide" on Outlines and Lists.

Thank you!

+1 on that.

Many thanks.

Posted: Sep 25, 2013

Posted by Jake:
I see now. Yes, tabbing from a long text column appears to not work correctly. We will fix.

Many thanks, Jake.

As always, a spot-on service.

Posted: Sep 24, 2013

Hi Jake,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm on Chrome using Win7.

Looks like the problem is moving from a Long Text column dialogue to the '+' to add that row.

Can't find how to navigate with keyboard from the Long Text column of a new entry to the '+' in order to enter the entry in the list.

Of course, ENTER also wouldn't work to add a new row since it applies the ENTER to the Long Text dialogue.

Any ideas? Many thanks.

Posted: Sep 23, 2013

I'm soooo into Lists now that I believe my world now may grind to halt without them ;-D

But, pretty please with sprinkles on top: Any chance I can move from the last column of entry creation to the '+' (to add the entry to the list) by pressing TAB? Or anything on the keyboard for that matter.

I can navigate just fine on the keyboard to create a List entry / fill columns (even found to close Long Text dialogue = TAB+ENTER), but come to add the new entry to the list .... I've then gotta reach for the mouse (= Royal Pain).

Huge thanks for all the glorious work.

Posted: Sep 23, 2013
From Topic: Bug in lists

I got one too.

My preferences are set to begin the week on a Monday.

However, the column type that inputs a date has the week beginning on Sunday in the calendar pop-up.

Other than that, love it. So much so, I've just moved from Silver to Gold.

Posted: Oct 21, 2012
From Topic: Color Coding Folders

Yes please for colour coding. I'd find it extremely useful.

Posted: Oct 18, 2012
From Topic: My Trusted System


Thank you so much for sharing all this.

A question:
I noticed a second image along with the one that you linking in your first post.


Could you link me to the software you're using there? I can't quite make it out in the top left corner. I think it will suit my style perfectly.

Many thanks.