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Posted: Jan 20, 2013

i have a suggestion about 'priorities'.
i've learned that a priority depends on how IMPORTANT and how URGENT a task is. this implicates that while time flies, something can grow from a low priority to a higher priority.
problem: when you put a task in a low priority because the due-date is far away, it might happen that it gets out of sight and you forget about it because you are only dealing with high priorities.
it would be nice if one could enter dates on wich a priority changes. for example january 15 you enter a task that is MEDIUM, but feb 01 it gets HIGH and feb 20 it gets TOP (because due date is mar 01)
i hope this is interesting for other peolple too.

Posted: Nov 05, 2012
From Topic: Notebook

i cant't find anything about how to use the notebook part. I would like that it is made into a section in wich you can make notes and than afterwards export parts of the text to the to-do-list.
for instance taking notes/minutes during a meeting, than afterwards select a sentence or a word, rightclick en make it a to-do item (similar to Quick Add Task). later on you can modifie the task.