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Posted: Oct 08, 2012

Respectfully, thanks, but no. I mean, it's workable, but it's cumbersome, and not at all clear.

1. I'd rather not have to do all of that bidirectional email/invitation business. I just want to authenticate to my other account, and switch. It's silly, I know, but what if I had 3 accounts?

2. And: I did the first invitation, and each account shows up in the other's share page, but only one can see both? There is no visible process to guide someone through truly two-way visibility of all tasks.

I agree with you that it's workable, but it's not a customer friendly process.

What about the cookies thing to at least allow two different accounts to be open in different browser tabs or windows? Wouldn't that be easier to implement?

Posted: Oct 08, 2012

One more thing: If you can't change the functionality of Workspaces, please consider changing the way cookies are set so that we can open multiple accounts in different browser tabs/windows. Thx

Posted: Oct 08, 2012

I currently use two Pro accounts to manage my work; one is used for my full-time employment, the other for personal and consulting work. I don't use collaborators/assignors in either of those accounts, although I do see the value of the feature.

I'm suggesting another (dual) use for the Workspace feature. Namely, allow context-switching between two or more authenticated ToodleDo accounts for which the user has credentials.

This would greatly increase the usability of the app for me. Primarily because the work-around I tried (having different TD accounts open in different Firefox tabs) doesn't work, I think because of the way you set cookies.

Of course, if you see value in this, you'd have to bake the functionality into the Firefox add-on as well.

Thanks -- great product, love it, use it every day ....