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Posted: Dec 14, 2008

Thanks for your input -- I followed your guidelines and I now have Toddledo on my iPhone --

Funny, though, I guess I was really writing in about ToDo because although Toodledo was on my Website, ToDo icon was on my iPhone and I thought these were related. I'm very confused, but understand today why the Toddledo on the iPhone that I am now using since the 'fix' you recommended is a different format than I was used to with ToDo. Just a matter of getting used to, but very happy to have some kind of To Do application back on my iPhone.

However, one problem that I met with immediately is that the "x" on the field to enter Task is very hard to miss, even with my petite fingers – I have to be so careful.

I read the input from Shopping2 and agree with these observations:

1. A separate click to edit a task after I've selected it seems cumbersome and is very different from the standard interaction model of most iPhone applications. I think it's important to optimize access as quick as possible

2. It would be nice if the sync control was not buried in settings > synchronization

3. Without having a sync button, I need to now turn on my iPhone and then find the sync button. I would love to just have a physical sync button so that periodically (every task or two) I can just sync.
Thanks again for your quick response.

Posted: Dec 12, 2008

I downloaded Toodledo on my iPhone December 1. I entered data on the web and on the iPhone -- all was well until December 9 when the number of tasks on the ToDo icon (iPhone) disappeared and, although the icon remains, I cannot bring anything up to view. What does come up is black and then pops back to the iPhone opening screen. The Toodledo To Do List is still on the Web but it will not sync.

Is it possible that I have too much data? How can I download Toodledo again for no charge?

I have Notebook, and that is still operating, but not worth much without Toodledo. My iPhone is version 2.2 and I updated the new version of Toodledo on iTunes. I've tried everything I can think of.

Does anyone have an answer to this problem?