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Posted: Jan 31, 2009

I feel like there are a number of ways to do this, and I'm just missing something. I work from 6pm-2am a few nights a week, and every night there is the same list of things to get done. I would love to create a sorted list and check it off each night on my iPod, but I want to keep it separate from my Hotlist. I've run into a few issues.

First, to keep it off my Hotlist, I can't use due dates. If I do, I'm forced to either filter by -1 priority or set it to Reference status, and hide either one of those categories. Ideally, I'd prefer to not have to hide these, as I'm using them for other things at the moment. I tried clearing the dates entirely and using Daily repeat, but it seems to automatically assign a due date after the first check off. The other issue with daily repeats is that all of the completed items reappear at midnight with 2 hours still left to go.

I've considered setting no repeat and no due date, and after getting home from work simply unchecking them all, but this also feels like unnecessary wasted time (though, is there some sort of script I could run through firefox that would do this automatically, or is Search->Multiline edit the best bet?). This is where I'm stuck at the moment, since it skirts the 'New Day at Midnight' issue, as well as keeping the items safely within their own folder or context and not my Hotlist.

Posted: Dec 16, 2008

I primarily use the iPhone/iPod Touch app, but I do regularly sync it with the site. I tend to go to sleep around 4 am and wake up around 10 - because of this, the next days tasks appear early. Is there any setting to let Toodledo know I don't want to consider it the next day until 6 am? I would just change my time zone for the site, but on my iPod Touch having the correct time is a bit more important. A simple offset in the Settings for the App would actually be really helpful here!

Thanks in advance,