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Posted: Dec 11, 2008

I wrote ...

> I am expecting AND because the Hotlist Settings
> screen says AND. It is clearly written,

Our esteemed host replied ...

> We must have a typo somewhere. I looked around but
> couldn't find it. Can you please post the URL where
> we have "AND" instead of "OR".

It is not on the web, it is on the iPhone app, in the section of the Settings where the Hotlist is controlled. There is no corresponding setting adjustment on the "Slim" web app. The standard web app hotlist setting does indeed say OR.

My preference is AND in the Hotlist filter,
*or* a more sophisticated filter for the Hotlist,
*or* a selector to not include undated tasks.

Posted: Dec 11, 2008

I am expecting AND because the Hotlist Settings screen says AND. It is clearly written, and I am not misunderstanding.

That said, I will try out some settings using *or* and see if it gets me a better result.


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Posted: Dec 10, 2008

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but ...

The iPhone Hotlist has a *great* setting to allow selection by due date .. I can choose overdue,

1- This filter *seems* to not be working. No matter what due date is selected, I get all tasks that meet the priority filter.
1a - this filter (working) would be appreciated in the online version as well.

2- Can you add a selector somewhere allowing allows exclusion of No Due Date tasks, similar to the existing filter for Future Tasks?

I am trying to get a list that shows, in priority order, only those tasks with a due date assigned, due today or sooner.


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Posted: Dec 07, 2008
From Topic: Due Date Filter

This might just fill the bill .. I will try it out next week. It is not an ideal version, because there is not (that I could see) a way to save different sorts for different saves searches. One saved search (TODAY) is tasks due before tomorrow and after 1/1/08 (to exclude no due dates).. that one I like by priority and due date. Another is AGENDAS, due before 1/1/08 and priority = high, that should be sorted alpha.

Is there a trial (or return ability) for the iPhone version?


Posted: Dec 04, 2008
From Topic: Due Date Filter

I have found the "Total Workday Control using Microsoft Outlook" methodology to be the best for me. I use it very effectively in the office with Outlook, but want to use the web and the iPhone as well.

In TWC, the "Due Date" is the operative date. The primary work view in Outlook is set to filter out any tasks due after today.
1a- Tasks can be moved to a future date, and ignored until they appear again.
1b- Tasks with NO DATE are "master tasks". They are kept on the task list and visited weekly.

I need a filter -- hide tasks with a due date > today *or* with no due date. This particular filter does *NOT* appear to be available in ToodleDo.

There are some straight-forward solutions available in ToodleDo, using notebooks and folders, but they will not synch with Outlook. The "start date" is not a great solution, because Outlook's start date functionality is kind of strange. I would ditch Outlook entirely, except the task/email integration is phenomenal and save me loads of time.

Any thoughts?