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Posted: Dec 13, 2008

Thank you for your suggestions! My search brought me to the Palm Z22. It seems to work well with Outlook - Contacts and Calendar and Tasks. It's compact enough to fit in my pocket and seems to available in places for $50 (i.e. when I break it in the field, not a terrible lose). It's about 5 years behind the current PDAs but at least I know they have the bugs worked out.

So now my contacts, tasks and calendar can all be synced out of Google and Tooledo to Outlook which in turn pushes them to my cell, PDA and construction suite software. Great!

Posted: Dec 12, 2008

Thanks for your quick reply! If the question is appropriate in this forum, I was searching for PDAs more duruable and more inexpensive than Apple stuff. I was curious what other people were using.

Posted: Dec 11, 2008

I learned about GTD a few months ago and have finally settled on Tooledo as my online implementation of that. The piece that is missing for me now is an handheld electronic version of my To-Do list. I've tried the Tooledo printout booklet but it's not quite working for me.

So, can anyone recommend a PDA that I can sync my Tooledo list to (possibly through Outlook). It would need it to be durable, compact and inexpensive. I would use it to list my contacts, calendar and todo list and have them synced with Outlook (which would in turn sync to Google Calendar and Tooledo). It doesn't need any fancy - no color screen or anything special. Ugly and outdated versions are fine - even welcome. A decent UI is preferable but not necessary. I don't know about the different OS (i.e. Palm or Windows Mobile) but anything even half-usable I could get to work for me.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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