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Posted: Feb 28, 2011

Posted by jtst99:
Setting the task to March 15th then repeating monthly does not work well, as the task might not get done until the 16th or 17th, and then marking it complete would mean it now repeats on the 16th or 17th instead of the 15th.

Make sure when you set the task to repeat you set it to "Repeat from Due Date".
Then you should be able to have a task due on March 15th to repeat monthly and even if you don't do it until the 16th or 17th the next instance will be due on April 15th.


Posted: Jan 20, 2011

I use tags: -family, -house, -finance, -work
I also use tags for things like customer name and colleagues initials so I can easily filter according to what I want to see (if I'm talking to a colleague on the phone it's easy to see if I'm waiting for him to get back to me on something).
The "-" is so my main "focus" tags stay at the top of the tag list.
I use context for the action type (@phone, @email, @errand, etc).

So at weekends I can easily filter my lists to show only actions tagged with -family and -house.


Posted: Oct 21, 2010

Posted by russky77:
But, what would make it more useful is the location sensitive reminder

But your location is constantly changing (because the bus is moving) so I can't see how this would work in any way.
Not saying you're wrong in asking but just stating that a location is a static point but you're asking for it to be dynamic (constantly changing), which is beyond pretty much any location aware app that I'm aware of.

Anyway, I agree with the others just use a "commute" context.

Posted: Jan 12, 2010
From Topic: Good CRM?

If you use Google Apps then you can get a free Salesforce account that offers basic CRM functionality.

Pretty much what you described but not to the level of creating quotes, invoices, etc.
I started to use it and quite liked it until my company imposed ACT on everybody and then my own personal corner of hell was created.

Posted: Dec 21, 2009

Maybe this is being discussed in another thread but I'll add my thoughts here anyway (fwiw).
Offline access would be a very, very good thing indeed ;)

But Google Gears is a dead technology.
Google themselves have admitted that.
HTML5 is the way forward for offline access for web applications, again Google have stated their intentions to implement HTML5 rather than continue to advance Gears.

So any requests for offline access need to be geared (no pun intended) towards implementing HTML5 rather than Google Gears.
I'm hoping that Toodledo haven't gone too far down the road of implementing Gears as it's most definitely not the way forward.


Read Google's response at the bottom of the article.

"We're continuing to support Gears so that nothing breaks for sites that use it. But we expect developers to use HTML5 for these features moving forward as it's a standards-based approach that will be available across all browsers."

Posted: Dec 16, 2009

Same problem here with the same solution.
Disabled autosync and just do a manual sync after adding/editing tasks, all good now.

Posted: Dec 11, 2009

Yes, I agree with Vin.
Google will not be developing Gears anymore and have made it clear that HTML5 is the future as far as they're concerned.
In hindsight a good decision by Toodledo not to go with Gears, intentional or not.

Posted: Dec 10, 2009
From Topic: Contact Manager

Here's a good link with some good information relating to iPhone, Exchange and Google.

Posted: Dec 10, 2009
From Topic: Contact Manager


The weak link unfortunately is your iPhone.
It can only have 1 ActiveSync server specified at a time so you can sync to Google *or* Exchange but not both.
Also it's further unfortunate in that when you enable over-the-air sync then USB sync is disabled.
So you couldn't even sync OTA with Google and then a USB Sync with Outlook (and hence Exchange).

If you can sync your contacts from Outlook to Google then maybe set up your iPhone to sync with Google then it should work.

Good luck.

Posted: Dec 09, 2009
From Topic: plugin for chrome

This is nothing to do with me and I don't even have it installed but look here.
Is that what you were after?

Posted: Dec 01, 2009

I did notice that TaskJot seemed to have some memory issues when I simply backed out of the application and left it running in the background.
What I do now is add my tasks or make my edits, sync manually and then close it down.
Don't have any problems now.

I use it extensively when leaving a meeting at a customers site to add/edit my tasks (while it's all fresh in my mind) and it's been a marvelous application in most respects.

Posted: Oct 07, 2009

I actually have Launchy set up to do this (admittedly via Twitter).
Alt-Space anywhere, then the same syntax as emailed tasks.
Great for sending in quick tasks that appear during the day and I don't need to go to the browser.

Posted: Sep 25, 2009

+1 for Dial2Do

Admittedly, I don't have it set up directly to access Toodledo as I didn't want to give them my login details (overly paranoid maybe) so I can't listen to my Tasks (I have TaskJot for seeing my Tasks when I'm out and about).

Basically I set up my Toodledo 'secret' email address up as a Dial2Do contact and just email Tasks in.

Works fine.

Posted: Sep 22, 2009


I guess that is because when sending your task by email the $ symbol is used specify the Status (Next Action, Active, etc).

From http://www.toodledo.com/info/help_email.php

Status - To set the status use the $ symbol and then the status. For example: "$Next Action".

So as soon as Toodledo sees the $ in your email it assumes that the task title has ended and now you're specifying Status, Folder, etc.

Not sure if Toodledo supports escape characters of some sort (I don't think so but someone else would have a better idea than me I'm sure), if not maybe it's something to consider?

Eg. In your case Add ^$1.99 iPhone/ Whatever App $Next Action