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Posted: Nov 23, 2012

pjlewis, Thanks for the link. I have downloaded the program to my PC, I'll have to try it!

Again, Much appreciated!!

Posted: Nov 20, 2012

Hello All

New to this forum. I have been using Appigo's ToDo for the last few years on my iPod Touch. I also use Outlook 2010 (POP3 mail server) on my Windows Desktop PC. With Appigo's Appigo Sync conduit, I have had no problems doing bi-directional syncs between ToDo and Outlook tasks. Now I hear that Appigo is no longer going to support their sync conduit; so, no more direct syncing between iTouch and Desktop (or, I just don't update my ToDo app any more!).
Is there a way, using Toodledo, to do bi-directional syncing between my iTouch and my Windows desktop?
I'm not worried about my email since I can get it on the iTouch without using any other app. I'm not worried about my Calendars and Contacts since they automatically sync when I sync my Touch. It's just the Tasks that I need to have on both my handheld and my desktop, with the ability to sync them whenever I want/need to.
Any help anyone here can offer would be greatly appreciated.