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Posted: Jul 23, 2014

We've not had any hiccups with the sync. I can see when my wife checks items off in near real time (of course presumes a data connection of some sort) it is not instant but close enough. I've actually used this to track down where she is in a store :-)

It was a little wonky to get set up initially but once I got past that all was good. You do have to remember to force a sync of the store list on your devices as that part is not automatic. Lists for each store sync automatically.

Posted: Jul 21, 2014

I don't know if GG is iOS or Android but for Android Mighty Grocery can also have the same item on multiple lists. Might Grocery also can sync between multiple users for a shared shopping experience. This is great for when me and the wife are shopping together, divide and conquer with real time list updates.

Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Posted by kerrinhardy:
Posted by rdesai:
even better would be if there was a way that a "To do" in Evernote automatically creates a task in TD - similar to how Tasks are created from MS one note to Outlook.

I know this is probably too much to ask for - but it would make the two best systems integrated.

This is EXACTLY what I am after. It's probably teh only thing that has impressed me about OneNote that I wish I could do with Evernote and Toodledo.

Check out taskclone.com for this feature. 3rd party app that will sync tasks from Evernote (items that start with a check box) to Toodledo.

I'm still experimenting with this...


Posted: Jul 25, 2013

Have you tried Evernote?

Posted: Nov 09, 2012

Hi Benjamin,

I was wondering if the indent space can be adjusted for sub items in the left side menu? For example, currently:

V Personal
________Inbox-W... <16> <29>

Looking for:

V Personal
___Inbox-Work_____<16> <29>

(___ = spaces, forum right indents)

It just seems like a waste of unused space resulting in less clarity.

Thanks for an awsome application & customer service! :-)


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Posted: Sep 20, 2012

Posted by paoli.renzo:
I would you suggest you to try Ultimate To-Do List and Due Today.

So far in extensive research i found both are the best one available for any Toodledo user looking for an Android app.



+1 the above along with a free app called ToodleTask which is a widget that gives you simple fast new task entry to your inbox.

Posted: Aug 21, 2012
From Topic: Automated backup

See this thread...


Posted: Aug 10, 2012

There are many Android Apps that work with Toodledo, there just happens to not be one developed by the Toodledo folks.

Just do a search for Toodledo in Google Play, you'll get many hits.

I use ToodleTask (free) for task input and both Ultimate To Do List and Due Today for applications (both are low cost). For those that require a small fee, there is a trial time.

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Posted: Jul 30, 2012

Posted by Dave:
Thanks ben, Currently I put day specific events as all day on my calendar, but was getting tired of typing the same thing in twice. What settings to you have the UTDL widget on now that you find useful?

Hi Dave,

That's an interesting question... I'm still experimenting (when I have the time to think about it)and have not settled on anything specifically yet that I have found useful long enough to stick with. Typically my smartphone is my capture device and I don't even use UTDL for that. For capture I use ToodleTask, it just doesn't get any simpler! I'm running Apex for my launcher (not a fan of HTC sense, even on my new EVO LTE) and have a swype up motion to activate ToodleTask.

Experimentation on the UTDL widget has been on a tablet and most recently it has been comparing UTDL, DueToday and DGT GTD capabilities both app and widget. I keep coming back to UTDL as the closest to what works for me thought I wish I could throw all three into a blender and take the best of each...

Posted: Jul 24, 2012

I've been using Pure Calendar for quite some time. My main use is calendar aggregation between Google (mine and my wifes) and my work calendar via Touchdown (Outlook / Exchange client)That part is outstanding! In general, Pure Calendar is an outstanding application and the dev has always been very responsive.

I have experimented with using the Pure Calendar widget for tasks out of UTLD but have so far stayed with a separate widget for tasks as my calendar is already quite full and adding toodledo taks to the calenadar just cluttered it up too much. For date specific tasks for work, I put them in as an all day event in Outlook.

I am also using Due Today which I think does a better job at displaying tasks in widgets with the indented outline it uses.

Posted: Jun 26, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
Most people use the "context" field for this and then use the context filter to switch between "work" and "home".

^^^This^^^ I do exactly this. I have an "inbox" that all tasks go in; my primary input method for new tasks allows me to default to either work or personal.

Posted: Apr 23, 2012
From Topic: Duplicate tasks

Posted by sussmann.susana:
I'm using DGT GTD only for alarm features, and mobile web page from Toodledo for add and mark tasks.

You might consider looking at ToodleTask for entry from your Android device, especially if you use the concept of an inbox for capturing tasks quickly.

Posted: Apr 20, 2012

Is there a reason that you have to use Outlook for todo or notes? I'm on a corporate Exchange mail server and completely abandon the use of tasks in Outlook (was brain dead anyway)

For sync, try TaskUnifier,it's java, doesn't require admin authority to install and you can manually specify the proxy information...

I just started using Evernote for my collective documentation brain. Evernote is one of the first applications (along with Chrome) to adhere to Microsoft's no admin required (my term) installation process thus not requiring local administrative privliages to install. Like ToodleDo for tasks, I'm now using Evernote for all notes, work and personal.

I agree that it would be nice if Evernote were better integration with ToodleDo but I feel like I have best in breed for the types of function each system performs. I could force Evernote to do GTD type task management, even bought an eBook to investigate further, not what I want... Or I could force ToodleDo to be my document brain, again, not the best. I have a SnapScan from Fujitsu to capture documents into Evernote (or wherever) this scanner is an awesome tool! But I digress...

So, larger philosophical question, why do you have your stuff (the same stuff that is) spread across multiple tools that perform the same task? e.g. Outlook tasks, toodledo tasks, etc?


Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Posted by russbuchmann:
Yes, I have read the book. it was a while ago and I loved it. I just can't find it. I figured with all of the info on the internet I could find an easy explanation of projects and some of the other questions I had.
I actually think I process my tasks very closely to how you do, except I was on the fence about putting subtasks of projects into the "Actions" folder or any other folder for that matter.

Do all of your subtasks ALWAYS stay in the "Projects" folder? If so, how do you handle Waiting, Follow-up, etc?
I use Stars just like you mentioned, but I question whether things that are WAITING should have a star as a reminder for me. For example, if I am waiting on someone to complete a subtask of a project but there is another subtask I could work on then I would have two starred subtasks for that project. That seems very anti-GTD. Thanks

Russ? First, I always keep the subtasks with the parent project. I handle waiting and tasks that I owe to people by tagging them with wo (waiting on) and io (I owe) I can then filter on these separately in one quick review check on dates, timing, etc. I use the notes feature to keep a running log of the, what I'm waiting for, what I owe, etc.

With this approach I'm not concerned about (usually anyway) whether there are multiple subtasks that might require focus as I am controlling what I can do as a next action so the waiting on does not factor into this until it hits whatever deadline I have self imposed to follow up at which point I follow up as a part of my daily review of my tagged waiting on actions. (hope this makes some sense)

I'm listening to "Making It All Work" by David Allen at the moment, it's a very good follow on to the original book.

Again, another person to get me thinking about Folders. I just think I like how I can just type a PROJECT name into the quick task box and it will be in my Inbox for review later. Just add subtasks and I am done. Folders for Projects seem like that would slow down my ability to purge tasks from my mind or other inboxes.

I will read the newsletter though. Thank you.

I too am considering shifting to Folders for projects. To answer your overhead question, my current (and future approach regardless of what direction I end up going) is to add a task "Build xyx project" when I need to add a new project.

If I add multiple items quickly I don't worry about building the project at point of capture I take care of that when I "process my inbox." The inbox is generic for me with the exception that I set a context of either work or personal (a default on my entry device) at the time of entry with a due date of tomorrow. I typically do not use the web GUI for on the fly inbox capture but instead use my Android smart phone which has a handy widget for quick data entry.

I have just started experimenting with TaskUnifier on my desktop along with the ability to quickly enter tasks to my inbox via a keyboard macro utilizing a combination of ActiveWords and a command line interface that the TaskUnifier author was so gracious to provide. This will in essence mimic my entry method on my phone which I find to have next to no processing overhead and thus I use all the time.

Whew, that was a-lot of brain dump, hope you can follow...


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Posted: Apr 13, 2012

Posted by letitviv:
I am looking for a way to group my folders on Folder View.
Is it possible to nest folders on Left side bar?

I'm not thinking on the same idea of tasks and subtasks where they are relationated with parent field.

Just implementing Expand/Contract functionality on left side bar will be very usefull for me.

Thank You!

Have you considered prefixing the folders to group them, e.g. wrk: for work, per: for personal as an example?

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
@ben: Are you sure ? I created a folder Inbox, I copy paste "My task for tomorrow < tt @Inbox" and it works.
Btw, TaskUnifier 2.3.2 will probaby freeze with the command line. It is the same bug as with the Outlook addon reported by ejmichel. I suggest to wait for the new version in 2 days.

Okay, it's working now. I'll chalk this up to user error on my part although I did have a database corruption that required a complete re-sync from ToodleDo, perhaps there was something lurking at the point I tried this. For now command line seems to be working with 2.3.2.

Thanks again for your excellent responsiveness!


Posted: Apr 12, 2012

I use (in the spirit of Proximo's layout of ToodleDo) contexts to manage personal vs work vs ... It would be most useful if Folders could have the option of being filtered from view by the context(s) selected. A simple Check Box "Filter by Context" for each folder to be managed by context in the "Manage Folders" screen perhaps?

This is especially beneficial if one were to create a folder for each project and desired to filter the view to a manageable size list based on the context of interest.

Thanks for your consideration.

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Benjamin Leclerc:
java -jar tucl.jar "My task for tomorrow < tt @Inbox"

Hi Benjamin,

I found what appears to be a bug. In the example above the task ends up in my "Projects" folder and not in the Inbox folder. However, if I remove the < tt then it ends up in the correct folder, Inbox.


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Posted: Apr 10, 2012

Posted by PeterW:
And in fact I've just made a significant change. Until now my system has been based closely on the 'Proximo' design, i.e. folders for next actions, projects, someday & waiting for. The projects folder contains parent tasks for each project and subtasks for each project's actions.

But after reading David Allen's recent Productive Living newsletter about project lists http://www.davidco.com/newsletters/archive/0412.html it got me thinking. I don't spend much time in the projects folder itself but prefer to work out of the Hotlist. While this helped me crunch through next actions including project next actions, it didn't keep my list of projects visible. I'd see them in the weekly review but in the daily grind they haven't had enough focus.

So the change I have made is this: I still use folders for Next Actions (i.e. single tasks), Someday and Waiting-for but instead of one Projects folder, I now have a folder for each project. To keep them together on the screen I've prefixed them with "Prj:" and am using the same colour. So in the main interface I can now see all of my projects (i.e. my main commitments) and hopefully this will help me progress them forward more regularly and purposefully.

Peter thanks for sharing this! I've gone back and re-read that newsletter, now you have me thinking about visibility...


Posted: Apr 09, 2012

Posted by russbuchmann:
After searching the forums I have decided to get direct feedback...

How to handle Projects and subtasks the GTD way (or close to it).

So I am new to Toodledo (and love it) and somewhat new to GTD as well, but I understand most of the basics.

Have you read David Allen's "Getting Things Done" book, if not highly recommend that as a early step in your journey? As a follow on, "Making It All Work" helps fill in more blanks.

I guess for this to be efficient, I should give you a rough layout of how I have Toodledo setup (similar to Proximo's setup, etc)

I am also basically using Proximo's structural layout in ToodleDo. I place projects and their associated sub-tasks in the projects folder, leaving the sub-tasks in place under the project when I act on them as next actions. Single task items (things that are not projects) go into the actions folder. I am most interested in as little overhead as possible thus I do not move next action items that are projects to the actions folder. Along the least resistance minimal overhead lines I also do not currently use the status field, for me its just too much non value add busy work and I found myself resisting using my trusted system.

One way to think about staring items is that this is the flag to identify your next actions, where ever they are. You then create a filter in ToodleDo and/or your favorite desktop and/or smartphone application to present you with a list of what you have identified as your next actions.

On occasion I will review (self asses) how I am feeling about / interacting with my trusted system seeking the path of least resistance and making adjustments if I find resistance building up. I am actually in a review cycle right now and am starting to make some adjustments to how I process.

Hope this helps...
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