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Posted: Dec 11, 2008

That did help. I don't use goals so I created single letter alpha goals that I can sort on to provide order within a priority. Now as I fine tune my methodology, a couple quick follow ons:

1) The iphone version does not have goals so I am using the web brower even though I paid for the app. Any update coming for the iphone that includes goals?

2) It would be nice to sort on a field without having to display it. As an example I sort first on priority, but I don't need to see it redundantly displayed on every line. But to sort on it, I have to display it.

Love, love, love this app. Larry

Posted: Dec 11, 2008

I have finally migrated from Ascend97 (Franklin Covey) and love this app. Its very clean on the PC and reasonable interface on my iphone using the $4 app. There is one thing I am trying to do that was part of my previous s/w. That is to order tasks withing a priority. So, on my pc screen I have aay 8 tasks in "top" priority but they show in random order. Even within a priority there are items with higher urgency than others and I would like to show that order. Ideally, to drag a task from within a priority to a new position would be perfect. Has anyone figured a way to change the order within a priority?

Thanks in advance for any reponse. Larry