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Posted: Sep 09, 2012

Hi, if you check my join date, you'll see I've been using Toodledo for about 3 years or so.

I use this program on my desktop or phone about 2-3 times every day, and it is a crucial part of my workflow process.

I am interested in purchasing a new phone, but I am restricted to Iphone if I want a native app. I am a bit amazed that I am actually considering restricting my choice of device entirely by the availability of the Android Toodledo app, but there it is.

I'm trying to explain how important the program is to me, in order to encourage the development of the app.

I would happily pay 10-20 for the app, and a yearly subscription cost, say 25-50?

Please hurry, I really like the Galaxy, other than this little problem.


Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Been a user for 2 years now. I'll post my in depth feedback later, but from a first quick brush, it seems better, and faster to navigate. That drop-down on the far right in the old setup, to get More Folders, man, that was kludgy.

Looks good so far, keep up the good work. I extol the virtues of Toodledo to everyone I talk to about productivity.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

You can have that for ad copy for free.


Posted: Jul 16, 2010

Alright, alright, I do have something positive to add about the new update. I grudgingly admit that I like how the "note" shows at the bottom of the task "details" screen.

I suggest that instead of tapping the "edit note" to access the note, that tapping anywhere on the yellow note would be faster.

The bar at top about hidden tasks and "sorted by", as well as the bottom task bar, they have to go. Bye bye, see you.

I'd really like to "sort by" in different contexts and have it remember though. Often I want to see the oldest task, the one I've been avoiding, first. In other contexts, I want to see the most recent, and in other contexts, by alphabet.

Since my professional development training says I should end with a positive,

I like the separate "details" button when creating a task.


Posted: Jul 04, 2010

Buttons along bottom for displaying tasks/contexts/folders.

I do not like this.

The other changes I understand, but the addition of the button navigation bar or whatever you call it, that is a mistake.

I access my settings and notes like, once every 6 months. Using up valuable real estate on such a small screen for this is a waste.

-edit- I realize I left something out. I have labeled my contexts so that they appear in order of most used. I have reduced my contexts where possible in order to get the most often used ones to appear on the screen without any scrolling down. Now, I have to scroll down because I have lost the space for "waiting for" context. -end edit-

I've been a big fan for a long time, and I recommend your program to everyone. This is the first change I have not approved of. I have been a user since Jan 09, not a newbie here.

Hope it disappears soon, I will curse it every time I have to scroll down to see the "waiting for" context.


This message was edited Jul 04, 2010.

Posted: Apr 27, 2010

Thanks! I'll give that a shot. If I don't comment back here, it worked.

Posted: Apr 27, 2010

I assumed you meant subtasks, since the creators have said repeatedly that subfolders are not, and will not ever be supported.

Subtasks perform many of the same tasks as subfolders. If you have subfolders, you have hierarchy trees, and sub-sub-folders, etc. Simplicity is quickly lost.

I am lucky I guess in that the functions I use regularly work well, no bugs.

I've been unemployed, and dead broke. I could still afford $15 for a tool that is very nearly as ubiquitous and useful as my computer. If this tool is just for sometime use, then yes, it should be free, so I agree with you there.

I fix a lot of stuff, and I have no problem spending $13 for a high-quality screwdriver. I guess I look at this the same way.

Posted: Apr 26, 2010

15$ is cheap (PER YEAR), I pay it thankfully.

This program just-plain-works which I can't say for most of the others.

It is a delicate balance between having enough features, and having too many. We are supposed to work with our systems, not on them. Toodledo has accomplished that.

I used workarounds for the first year, then I decided that this app is going to be part of my system permanently.

I spent more than $15 on my hole puncher. Seems cheap to me.

If we don't pay them, they might (GASP) sell the company! Then ad banners show up, targeted ads that use your IP address, viagra ads, Yikes!


Posted: Apr 26, 2010

When I add tasks to Toodledo app on Iphone, I am usually doing it on the fly. I grab it quick, wake it up, add a task, sleep it, put it away.

I might add many tasks that way during the day, and it is important that I do it quick so that I don't lose my train of thought or idea.

When I upgraded to 1.5.8 I started to have a problem where the "choose a Wifi network to join" dialog box pops up as soon as I open the app.

I have set the sync to only occur manually, but it seems not to make any difference. This is the absolute worst time for it to happen.



ps. well done in creating a tool that is as useful as a hammer, nearly as reliable, and as free from bloat.

Posted: Mar 02, 2010
From Topic: Sort by...

Can you sort by say, alphabet in one folder/context and then sort by "last modified" in another and have it remember?

There are some contexts where I want a FIFO presentation, and others where I want tasks sorted by first letter.

Problem is, when I change the sort, it changes it for all folders and contexts. Can I set default sort for different folders/contexts.



Posted: Feb 10, 2010
From Topic: crashy v 1.5.4

Upgrading to 1.5.7 now. I will reply here if problem persists.


Posted: Jan 07, 2010
From Topic: crashy v 1.5.4

I use Toodledo app for Iphone and it keep crashing on startup.

I tap the icon on Iphone and task bar at the very top turns white, but nothing happens. Or, it boots up to the screen I was last on (default is set to boot to context screen) and program is non-responsive. I have to hit the "home" button to get any response.

Occasionally, it is such a problem that I have to shut down the whole Iphone via holding down the sleep button, and then re-boot entirely to reset toodledo


Posted: Oct 29, 2009

Oh dear oh dear. That didn't work. I tried all the methods you suggested, and the solutions were not good.

You see, the problem is that the Actions folder has, like 100 tasks in it. The Projects context is also large, but not as many by far.

The search worked, as did the "all tasks and collapse" plan. The actions tasks and the project tasks all appeared in the window.

Here's the problem: The actions list is like 3 screens long, moving each task would take about 30 seconds.

If this is the only way, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet this time to clean up, and then do the clean up more regularly.


Posted: Oct 26, 2009

Dude, you're a genius. Anyone can make it complicated (I'm really good at that) but it takes major experience to make it simple.

Thanks. BTW, the last suggestion that you made is the keeper. Gets the job done, with no added steps to the way I want to work.


ps. for brevity I post Iphone, but in fact, I use a Touch as my PDA

Posted: Oct 25, 2009

Confusing description I know. Here's what I mean with an example.

I have a GTD implementation, all projects are tasks, with subtasks representing actions to complete the task.

When I am out and about (I use it via toodledo app on Iphone) I make a task, but I do not have time to:

1. find project action relates to
2. make subtask from that project

My question is this: How do I take all the tasks that I currently have in my Action folder and make them subtasks of tasks held in the Project folder?

I can't seem to find a way. If they appear in the same window, I can drag-and-drop, but what if they are in different contexts and folders? At no time will they ever appear on the same screen to do the dragging trick.

Hope you can help,


Posted: Oct 06, 2009

I am a pro subscriber doing the GTD thing. My system is very simple now. I had a much more Byzantine setup before, and all it did was slow me down.

I use folders for Areas of Concern.

Also a folder called Actions.

The contexts include a context called Projects.

All Projects (multi-step parent tasks) appear in this context, associated with the Area of Concern folder that most makes sense.

All single action subtasks are filed in the appropriate context re GTD and held in the Actions folder.

Action Folder holds actions, contexts sort actions.

Project context holds only parent tasks.

I use no other fields, except repeat where necessary.

I've been using Toodledo from last January.

This method described is only a few days old, but already I can feel the energy flowing back.

Just updated to the latest version for the Iphone. Nice! I immediately locked the rotation though. I hate waiting the second or so for it to finish rotating. I wish I could make it more resistant to rotation. Less sensitive to jogs and such.

This message was edited Oct 06, 2009.

Posted: Aug 04, 2009

I will change all of my rep tasks to From Completion and we will see...

Posted: Aug 03, 2009

I will first re-import the tasks from CSV and see if that fixes the problem

How do I set default to "from completion"?


Posted: Aug 01, 2009

I have re-imported the repeating tasks from a backup CSV file.

Problem still occurs. Task says repeat weekly on website and on Iphone, when I go into the task repeat field, it says repeat 1 day in the selector field.

I also note that all my tasks are set to repeat from due date.

How do I change my default for repeating tasks to "repeat from completion"?

I think that might be causing the problem. I will delete the tasks again and re-import after I have the default changed.

Posted: Jul 24, 2009

Reason: Toodledo on Iphone

No help there.

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

Well, the tasks have indeed been deleted - why I don't know. I deleted them on the PDA, then forced a sync from the website per your instructions.

The deleted tasks are under Recently Deleted tasks at the bottom of Account Settings as you suggested.

Next question, what do I do now? The tasks are there, but I had like 50 repeating tasks that were deleted. How do I get them back active?
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