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Posted: Feb 04, 2009

Alisa--My jaw fell to the floor when I saw your post this morning--totally above & beyond the call of duty! Thank you so much!!!! This is extremely helpful!

I see now that my main area of confusion was the relationship between short/long term goals and projects--your examples really help in this regard.

Again--thank you!

Posted: Feb 03, 2009

Thanks for the replies so far. They are helpful.

I did read the helpful entries regarding GTD, and am familiar with the general outlines of that process (although I haven't read the book).

I realize it's not always clean-cut, but I think some examples would help me here.

For example--where would the following hypothetical projects/goals fit in to this set-up?

1. To buy a car (in the next 4 months).

2. Moving to another city in the next 8 months.

3. Writing a book to be published next year.

4. Having a Christmas card made, and sending it out to a large group of people.

5. Preparing for a final exam in U.S. History.

All of these have lots of steps, but I'm not clear if they fall into "projects" or "goals"?

Would a project=Folder, or do Goals fit inside of Folders (Areas of Responsibility).

Within this, where does the task with multi-subtasks fit?

Hope this isn't too detailed, I just realize that time can be lost trying to try and re-try different ways of organizing this.

Thanks again to all.

Posted: Feb 03, 2009

I know there are different ways all of the tools here can be used, but what did the programmers have in mind with Short-Term, Long-Term, Lifetime Goals?

Are the Short-Term goals supposed to be "projects" (i.e. multi-step taks)--(although, where do sub-tasks fit within this structure?)

What are some good examples of the relationship between the three goal types, tasks, and projects?

I realize you can do any system you want, but I feel like this is already pretty well thought-out, and I wouldn't mind trying the "official" method before patching something togehter myself.

thanks in advance!