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Posted: Jun 19, 2014
From Topic: View by Calendar

I researched and see this question was asked 4 years ago. So I am asking again to get an update.

On the web site there is a view by Calendar, (which I wish was more, but as it it works with what I need now). However it is not on the iphone or iPad. When will this be available?

My work around is to logon to the web site with the browser on the phone or iPad, but it is a pain. I do not like the calendar integration with Google and IOS because it is not updatable and does behave like the website with group etc in context.

I have stopped using the external calendars as I have to many tasks to display in those formats. I prefer Toodledo format. I get access to my appointments as I have a Context Called Appointments. This works great for scheduling meetings.

When I am out and about i.e Dr office and I need to schedule the next appointment, the search for open dates is a pain in the IOS apps. I have to log into the web on the phone and with the small screen even the web site is a pain and take more time.

It would be a big improvement if there was simple a view by Calendar option in IOS so when the Dr says how is "How is Tues three weeks from now at 3:30pm?"

By all means I am, not complaining, just asking if that feature will be available soon?



Posted: Dec 08, 2013

So for a while I have been annoyed at losing my place in Toodledo because of clicking links that open in the same window as Toodledo within tasks etc..

I read where Jake was thinking about fixing this a few years ago in a post and so I looked else where.

I found this Chrome Extension that does what I need and I thought it was so awesome I would post. Search for "Open Link To NewTab +" in the chrome store.

It is simple and does what I needed. Open a link in a new tab from a task! Yeah!

Ok I am easily amused...back to work I go.

Posted: Dec 08, 2013

Since I live in Toodledo and using more and more of it features, rather than an email how about a logon notice, like a maintenance notice with a link to click on for more information. I just found out about this and use it daily...

Encrypting everything I agree with.

Thanks for all your hard work.