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Posted: Nov 27, 2012


After using the ToodleDo web & iPhone apps for years (very happily), I've just added a Nexus 7 tablet into the mix. To keep access to my tasks, I use DTG on android, synced with ToodleDo.

It has one feature that has changed the way I work. Tasks with sub-tasks ("projects" in DTG) ALWAYS show up in the list, sub tasks hidden, using the date of the next dated sub-task.

This seems like a nice-to-have but actually means that,as I deal with each sub-task, I am presented with the whole project task. This means I get to consider the whole project as I check or close down a sub-task. This is way better than the old way I worked.

E.g. My "Build tree house" project shows up today because it includes "order wood dated today. As I close off the order, I review all the other sub tasks and add a couple of next actions, perhaps "order paint" now that I know the type of wood.

I can't seem to configure ToodleDo to do this. Can I???


Posted: Nov 11, 2010

Posted by richardwhatever:
Please connect to Basecamp. Then i'm 100% sorted!!

Basecamp has a huge following of organised online project members and managers - all using todo lists.


In case it helps with the priority, huge vote from me for Basecamp integration.

Basecamp tasks don't do enough for me and I really want to consolidate in ToodleDo. Bound to be a big draw to ToodleDo for Basecamp users as well/