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Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Hi Jake,

I have Alarms set to come from the Device as recommended.

I will change and have it from Website to see if anything changes.

It is just a phaff!! in that I spend time in a desktop checking alarms as I deal with them. I then update the Iphone and it applies the changes.

However, when the time comes the reminder 'still' goes off even though it shows as being changed, or even completed! Which means I am having to maintain it again.

I will see how the revised alarm setting impacts on its operation and advise.

Posted: Sep 06, 2013

I have Tasks defined with start and end dates/times (they are both the same criteria)

I use it for work and expediting suppliers.

The scenario is I have an alarm set for an item which is due to go off soon. However, I get notice from the supplier of a change. As a result I make an update to my notes and revise the start/end date/time details to either a later time or another date.

The problem is even after doing this, and performing a sync the alarm STILL goes off as it was originally defined within that day.

I haven't proven it, but I have a theory that the alarms are defined overnight and any changes within the same date don't get applied - therefore, if you change something within the current day it will not get revised in the background, ie, it will still go off.

Can you please advise as this is frustrating!! especially if I make lots of adjustments as I have alarms going off that I have already dealy with, and as such is wasting time instead of saving me time.

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

Yesterday I had an Iphone 3G and my todo's (toodledo) worked great I got visible and audible alerts at the relevant times.

I got my new Iphone 3G S yesterday and after restoring it to get all my apps and data installed, I am now not getting ANY visible or audible alerts. Is there something different about the 3G S that I need to account for or has something got wrong in moving the data.

My internet account reflects all the relevant reminders and they have the appropriate configurations but nothing happens on my device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.