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Posted: Apr 03, 2014
From Topic: Data security

It's nothing new that some countries in the world are considered as beeing highly insecure when it comes to the protection of private data ( Russia, USA, Cuba, ...).
How is Toodledo handling this and where in the world are the data servers ?

Posted: Mar 12, 2013
From Topic: Sorting Strategy

Thank you for the reply.

I know the Eisenhower Matrix.Of course I could use labels or tags to do this.
The point is that that the due tasks are (fortunatelly) generated by toodledoo, so that I do not have to assign them a label/tag "due" manually. As this is a very helpful, automated soloution, I would like to use it.
This given, I wonder how I could apply the desired sorting strategy...

Posted: Mar 11, 2013
From Topic: Sorting Strategy

Dear all,

I would like to sort my tasks according to the following strategy:
1.) "Time bombs" e.g. starred tasks
2.) Tasks to be delegated
3.) Due Tasks
4.) The remaining tasks according to their priorities

Do you have a suggestion how I could accomplish that with Toodledo ?