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Posted: May 10, 2011

Hi there,

I seem to be having a problem with my iPhone app badge not updating using push.

Isn't the idea that if I add a task or complete a task on the website that it will update my app badge without me having to open the app? Also isn't it supposed to update on the day a new task is due?

None of this is happening, it only happens when I open the app for some reason. Push alarms work fine and I receive those but my badge just won't update on it's own.

I have the badge updating turned on, I accepted notifications from this app (as you can see I'm receiving push alarms) and I have remote alarms turned on.

I have also tried resyncing, purging, deleting and re-installing the app and none of that fixes it.

Can you please help me as I bought Pro as I was happy with the service but I'm not happy with this, even RTM's poor app has the badge updating working correctly.


Posted: Jan 09, 2009


First off just want to say thanks for such a great app, love it!!

I have what is hopefully a simple feature request, and it is this...

Add a "Overdue, Today and Starred" option to the application badge setting.

The reason for this is that sometimes I will simply star an item that I want to do today that has no due date. This would show on the app badge if I change the settings to reflect this but then the app badge wouldn't also show my items that have a due date of today.

Maybe I have nothing due today, have a look through my tasks and Star an item for later. It would then just show up on the app badge without me changing any settings.

It would really help a lot