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Posted: Aug 31, 2009

Hi, I couldn't find my original posts and answers from about a month ago but wanted to thank you because it works now just fine - the syncing repeating tasks with iphone appigo todo app and toodledo - only because I tried your suggestion of making sure all the fields were filled, so although I don't have a DUE TIME, I just put in fictitious ones now and with all the fields filled, when I sync I don't get duplicate anymore (or past tasks as if I hadn't already marked them completed).

So thanks! Hope that made sense....

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

Okay thank you for your quick reply. I also realized I described the problem inaccurately. What happens is it puts the tasks I have marked as completed back onto my phone, so they aren't really duplicates, but then I have to mark them all again as completed, repeatedly, depending on how many days have past (I have several tasks that I repeat each day). But I think you are right - I will contact appigo or post on that group. Thanks again!

Posted: Aug 10, 2009


I do manual syncing with Appigo ToDo. I only use toodledo website as a backup and once in a great while work on the tasks there. But usually all my changes have only happened on the iphone.

When I sync I get my ToDo on the phone overloaded with old repeating tasks that I have to delete multiple times to catch up to the current day (I only sync every few days).

Should I switch to automatic sync? Do I have another setting incorrect? Should I contact Appigo? I have a hunch that if it isn't something I am doing then the bug might be on their end because when I used to use their own sync program I had the same problem.

Thanks very much for your service,