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Posted: Apr 01, 2013

I also started using Feedly in Chrome recently, and received warning at the top of the Toodledo page. Here's what I did to fix it.

In the lower right corner of any page you visit is the Feedly mini toolbar. Click on it, and at the bottom of the list, in very tiny text, is the preferences option. Select that and you'll get the Feedly preferences page for the mini toolbar. In the Exclude list, just add toodledo (without quotes), and the Feedly mini toolbar will no longer appear on Toodledo, and the warning should go away.

Posted: Mar 06, 2013

I've run into an issue when using the filter (show button) on m.toodledo.com.

When in a folder, selecting Show, and choosing to have subtasks nested hides all tasks that don't have a subtask. If a primary task has a subtask, it nests the subtasks accordingly, showing only the primary task. However, if a primary task doesn't have a subtask, it hides those as well.

I realize this is beta, so I just wanted to bring it up and see if this behavior is intended or perhaps a glitch?


Posted: Feb 20, 2013

Hi Jake,

I spent some time and was able to track down problem.

In Chrome, when I selected the option to allow all third party cookies, it worked. I double checked the exception and apparently Chrome needed "www.toodledo.com" to match, instead of simply "toodledo.com"

Once I put in the "www" it worked, and I was able to get past the login. You may want to update your knowledge base article (Why isn't my start page gadget/widget working?) to include this info for other future Chrome users.

Thanks again for looking into this for me. :)


Posted: Feb 19, 2013

It does work in Firefox 18.0.2 under Linux.

I also tried Chrome in Windows 7, and it failed to log me in. Seems to be a Chrome issue.

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Posted: Feb 19, 2013

Hi everybody,

I just started using Toodledo, switching from Astrid, and I'm running into a problem with the bookmarklet.

The drop down asks me to log-in, but when I do, it just resets the form and doesn't ever let me add a URL to a task. I am able to select the "View Tasks" option on the right, and log-in to the mobile site and view my tasks.

I'm using Chrome Version 24.0.1312.70; Linux

I do have Flashblock and Adblock Plus enabled, but I wouldn't suspect those would be the problem.

Any suggestions, or any additional info I can provide?


UPDATE: Found in the help contents about Google Gadgets requiring third party cookies exception. I added the toodledo.com domain to allow in my Chrome preferences, but still unable to get past log-in on the drop down.

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