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Anthony Schmitt

Posted: Mar 19, 2013

Posted by Jason Bushell:
Sounds like you need to sort your life out mate.

That's why I'm here, mate! Just tossing this out there on the off chance somebody's listening. The better and more usable the app is, the more likely someone else such as myself will use it to similarly "sort their life out".
Anthony Schmitt

Posted: Mar 19, 2013

It's a productivity app named to sound like a children's toy, or, as one of you suggested, a colloquialism that has no connection to what the application actually does. Why hamstring yourselves on a name like that? The name is immature. Productivity is maturity. Your branding is at odds with your product. It's poor marketing, plain and simple.

I also constantly try to go to todoodle.com instead of toodledo.com. I dunno, the name has all sorts of problems. Oh, and sure enough, my boss gave me a hard time for it too. He now has a running gag where he intentionally mispronounces Toodledo every time he asks for an update on my progress.

I realize it's too late, once you brand a product you're pretty much locked in, especially with a domain and all, but I truly believe the branding of this app is the biggest pitfall of the product, hands down.
Anthony Schmitt

Posted: Mar 13, 2013

I started using Toodledo today to help manage my tasks at my new job, and it's working really, really well. My only major issue is that I'm so opposed to actually ever saying "Toodledo" that I doubt I'll ever share this application, effective as it may be, with my associates. It's really, really unprofessional. I hate it.

Let that sink in, devs.
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