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Posted: May 15, 2014

Thanks - for the replies. On a long list of items returned in a saved search, it's difficult to even see that it's not working 100%. Especially if the search scrapes items out of multiple conditions, such as: contexts, folders, starred, priorities, tags, etc.

P.S. In the upcoming IOS update - please throw in access to lists, outlines, and goals!


Posted: May 12, 2014

Can't seem to get a solid hit on this subject here in the forums. Setting up saved searches and they work great in the desktop browser, but the tag is omitted when the search is preformed on the Iphone.

Trying to use somebody's suggestion of using tags to specify 'This week'.

Odd because you can select TAGS from the 'vie tasks by' section on the main screen.



Posted: Oct 26, 2010

Thanks folks - good suggestions. Only missing part for me now is getting the tasks into Outlook timeslots, cause if it isn't in my calendar, it tends to not get done.

It drives me nuts that I can't drag a task to a time where I want to work on it. I end up some days looking at an empty day (in Outlook), but with a long list of tasks at the bottom. I have to manually create events throughout the week to get the tasks done, so I end up duplicating the tasks in the calendar.

Having a task with a due date is't good enough if I have to work on the task over three days at varying times to meet the due date.

Throw an Iphone into the mix and it's a pain to have everything synced and get everybody rowing in the same direction.

Posted: Oct 25, 2010


Looks good and maybe I read some of your earlier postings (without taking note of your name), cause so far, my system is setup in a similar fashion.

3 other quick questions for you:

1.) Where do you store non-project / general todos?
I added an extra folder named 'Actions' which is where I pretty much place anything that doesn't belong in a specific project. I could have left these items in the INBOX, but then it's hard to see newer items.

2.) How do you manage multiple projects if you only have one folder named projects?
I'm guessing you have have a pro account that permits you to create sub tasks. Otherwise I can see a complicated process based on a long list of ever-growing context items.

3.) Do you use the Starred item(s) feature, and if so, what for?



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Posted: Oct 25, 2010

Was hoping to tap into experienced GTDers and get feedback on easiest way to mark/flag tasks as next action items.

I can see where I could make items associated with two separate contexts, where one of them is next actions. Or, I could see where starring the item provides an easy way to add a quick next action attribute to a task.

Opinions please.