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Posted: Jun 05, 2013

Posted by ecassidy:
I'm confused why if it is a repeating task and you don't complete it when it is optionally due why it then moves forward to the next day. And as a result I'm not able to figure out how I can make a list with subtasks that are due optioanlly everyday and if I don't complete them on a day they still appear the next day. My goal is to be able to have a list with everyday items like take vitamins, exercise, etc. and be able to track the statistics of when/how often I actually complete them. I don't want to have to check off of an item to make that previouis days task disappear as that will throw off the accuracy of the statistics feature. Suggestions?

If I understand your question correctly, that's exactly what optional due dates will help you do. For instance, I have "Dishes" as a daily task, but I don't do them every day. If I do the dishes, I mark it complete. If I don't do the dishes, I don't make it complete, and today's task "disappears" at midnight and a new Dishes task appears due today.

The annoyance is that the task stays on your to do list the rest of the day. After poking around the forum today, I realize this can be remedied by using deferred statuses. If I don't want to do one of those repeating tasks with a "fake completion" or deleting the task (which would delete without repeating), I can change the status of the task to "canceled." If you go to "Show" and de-select "Deferred Tasks," the item will "disappear" from your day's to do list without actually being completed.

Posted: Jun 05, 2013

My annoyance with editing saved searches is that it appears you can't edit the name of the saved search. Anyone know how to do that without deleting the search and making a new one with the new name?