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Posted: Dec 03, 2012

Apparently I'm in the minority, at least on this thread. I really like the changes. I think the UI is much better. I have designed a number of databases and I think this one follows UI rules much better. I like all the changes. It's easier to find fault and talk negatively so maybe your only hearing one side as far as your changes goes.

Posted: Aug 13, 2012

Hey Ben,

You are correct on it's only the Title field/control that it is doing that on. After my post last night I went to using it again and noticed that it was only the title but did feel I should come back and post with that information.

Do you have a round about idea when the next version is goin to be?

Thanks for your reply,

Posted: Aug 13, 2012

Hello Ben,

I just downloaded and started using you TaskUnifier this weekend. I am really liking what you have built. There one thing that makes reading the row that has the focus almost impossible. The background color of the row that has the focus is dark blue and the fonts are black. The two colors are so close to the same you almost can't read it. Is it suppose to be that way? I ask cause in your screenshops, on your website, the fonts are white, which would make it much easier to read.

Thanks in advance,