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Posted: Aug 09, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.8

+1 for saved searches! They make a huge difference to workflow, looking forward to it... might convince me to upgrade from 3.0.2 with the old UI finally ;)

(Bonus points if saved searches make it into the Mac Menubar app...)

Posted: Aug 08, 2013

The Toodledo menubar app works great on Snow Leopard (10.6.8) for me, no problems. I have a MacBook 3,1, with 6GB RAM. It's completely changed how I use Toodledo & made me more productive. If there's an incompatibility, Snow Leopard isn't the problem.

For syncing, I always click on All Tasks when first using the app, and wait until it finishes loading (all 750+ items for me!). If I try jumping straight to Due Date or another category, it never syncs correctly for me.

If the menubar app isn't working for you, perhaps try TaskUnifier if you want a desktop Mac app for Toodledo: http://www.taskunifier.com/ It isn't pretty, and it's a Java app (eww!), but it's reliable and also has offline support & saved searches/views. I was using it a lot before the menubar app was released, and I may yet switch back if the menubar becomes unsupported on 10.6.

Posted: Jul 01, 2013

This is great! Thanks for the offline support & for keeping compatibility with 10.6, so I can use it on my older Mac machines as well.

Some feature requests:
* Add a customizable keyboard shortcut that goes straight to the Add Task screen, and ideally hides the window after I type the task and click Enter.
* When adding a new task from the Home screen or shortcut, use the New Task Defaults set at Toodledo.com on my account (mine currently sets all new tasks as Low Priority).
* Add a way to delete a task... but I'm sure you're working on that!

Posted: Jan 25, 2009

Hmm, I guess I'm misreading that page - it says that "Sometimes a task can only be completed on a specific due date (like a dentist appointment) and being reminded about it ahead of time is unnecessary. You can fix this by putting an = sign before the date. For example "=2008-01-01".)

I have tasks with a due date of =2009-02-01, but are still showing up in my All Tasks on iPhone (even though it's still January, and even though Future Tasks = Off). But on the website, I *can* hide those tasks in All Tasks by clicking Hide Future Tasks.

It seems the behavior is inconsistent between iPhone and the website? I prefer what the website is doing, I'd like to hide those tasks.

Posted: Jan 25, 2009

I'm having a different problem, but related to Future Tasks on iPhone - I have a repeating task that is due in 6 days, and set to be "Due On" that date. I have both my Hotlist and All Tasks filters set with Future Tasks = Off, but this task is still appearing in both lists. It's Top priority, but I don't want to see the task until the day it is due.

Is there a way I can hide these tasks? I have Toodledo iPhone 1.4.1.