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Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Been using TD for awhile and find myself always coming back to it when I do leave for another futile attempt to fix my system.

Couple things I seem to always hope for:
(1) Calendar/Todo view integration. I use GCal most the time and pull TD into it. Would be nice to look at it the other way around and pull GCal into TD or even ditch GCal all together and have some sort of a separate calendar in TD that allows for hard planning separate from tasks (I am not a strict GTD fanboy, but use some of its elements in my Frankenallen system).
(2) (Pro Plus) A better integration of files that allows for hierarchy organization, tagging, context segmenting, etc. 10GBs of storage and I fear using it as I am highly phobic of storage that allows for me to create a living example of an Outlook Inbox from Hell (that 10,000 email long unorganized hell that rips out your soul when you see it load up on someone's desktop).
(3) I'm a big color person. Colors make life easy to organize. For me, Green = Personal, Blue = School, Purple = Work, Yellow = Goals/Wants/Dream/etc…. And so on. (I am a little anal about it and tend to use various shading/deviations for subcategories). Being able to label folders/contexts/tags/etc. as a color would be a nice bonus. I've managed to do it with some Firefox UI's, but find myself diving into the rabbit hole (the endless system tweaking cycle) a little to often.
(4) Icons. I may be a little odd in this, but I love icons. I like being able to use them as quick visual checks. Having high priority items show up as á (or any text code/icon really) seems fairly straightforward. The Google Lab that allows you to attach icons to events is really neat (though it messes up Outlook sync somehow). Being able to use a color and icon (say a Red Cross for medical, a book for school/study, etc.) would be the bee's knees.
(5) Task triggers. Being able to "hide" a task or several so one can focus on what is actionable (I know this can be done in a way, but literally having a task not even be "live' till the trigger is completed would be nice; maybe make it so it isn't checkable)
(6) The Booklet. I love that dang thing. I also hate it with a passion. I find myself editing the output to fit my needs way too often. Being able to customize the layout (Just one 3x5, or 4x6, a large Moleskine insert, etc.) would be a bonus.

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Posted: Apr 17, 2012

As a Pro Plus Subscriber I love the file concept, but have a difficult time (coming from a folder/hierarchy mindset) using the storage for more than a few files here and there. Implementing some sort of foldered system (or tag, context, sub files, etc.) would be great and make the storage much more intuitive and useful.

Thanks for the free upgrade; I'm going to try and find a way to use the feature more.