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Posted: Jan 28, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Oh, my. Seeing that you choose one of the less... versatile apps out there, a feature request list would be very long indeed. But then, you probably had other considerations, too. So, speaking of features and versatility, you really should check the Ultimate To-Do List and Due Today. You might have not found them convenient/financially efficient to buy those, but their functionality is certainly top-notch.

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Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Indeed you're right, thank you very much!

Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Is it possible to make Toodledo sort (place) subtasks by their own fields (say, Start Time)?

Say, there is an old ongoing top-level task with subtasks to represent actual steps. These steps are planned to start each in its turn. Sorting my task list by start time I would like these subtasks to appear correspondingly, not within their parent task's start date bracket.

ATM the only way I found is to delete start date for the parent task and search for tasks with start dates only. This is rather inconvenient.

P.S. I suppose you might say that this isn't the proper way to use Toodledo, that since my top-level tasks are not proper tasks I should promote them to folders, and subtasks to tasks, and the problem will be sorter both figuratively and literally. However, I have a collaborator I would like to share my tasks with. If I promote my top-level tasks to folders I would then have to a) "Allow" them to see each new folder (instead of the one folder these tasks currently are), b) "Share" each new task (instead of sharing only top-level tasks and having all the substasks shared automatically).

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Posted: Sep 05, 2013

Not a question, then, but there seems to be no dedicated Praise Subforum.

Since the late lamented Astrid's elopement with the wicked Mr. Yahoo I'd been searching for proper service to replace all of its functionality. And the search had been all but in vain - no other free service offered both basic GTD stuff, small-scale collaboration, time management, and an Android app that wasn't a glorified web browser for its deficient mobile web site (that is, wasn't strictly online and had none of the features cut).

Well, the thing is, Yahoo made sure there really is no free service to completely fit the bill, so to say. Toodledo included. So why the praise, then?

Simply because, having unsuccessfully scoured the Internet for a free service, one must inevitably contemplate the paid-for ones. And discover, much to one's despair, that the plentiful commercial products all cost about $20 a month. And you'll be lucky if it's not per user!

Enter Toodledo, with a $15 a year subscription, and all the required features on board!

Now, being cheap does not, perhaps, sound like a proper praise, but look at it this way: from what I've seen, with such a competitive price tag, Toodledo occupies a unique niche in a very much crowded and homogeneous market. I very much hope it stays that way and continues building on its strengths.

P.S. Not that it is without flaws, mind you. Some of the features I needed are rather barebones implementations. Like collaboration. Or the lack of a fully-fledged Android app (I gather there are only two 3rd party apps with timers, the API itself does not support collaboration yet, and the said two apps are not free). Needless to say, I'm very much hoping to see these avenues of development pursued, and hope that my small 3-man team would soon successfully get a grasp of Toodledo and join the ranks of subscribers, providing, perhaps, the developers with that little extra incentive to make Toodledo even greater - sooner.

Posted: Sep 03, 2013

Is there a way to a) make a certain folder shared by default (so that each new task gets automatically shared with a certain person(s)), and b) view reassigned tasks from within the assignee's workspace (so that a manager could review the progress of a top-level task which has several subtasks delegated to employees)?

Posted: Sep 03, 2013

Are there more Android apps with timer functionality besides Due Today and Ultimate To-Do List?