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Posted: Dec 08, 2013

I have the same issue. After much thought and experiment trying different solutions, I believe I have found the cause. I am using Outlook Tasks on my PC and GSyncit to sync with Toodledo. The problem seems to be originating in Outlook.

Here is what has worked for me for the past two weeks.

1. In Outlook Tasks, find one task which is getting duplicated.

2. Click on <Search Tasks> and get all instances of the problem task in the search results list.

3. Note that usually all, or almost all, have the same due date. Delete all but one. It does not seem to matter which task you do not delete.

4. Open that task and click on <Recurrence>. You will probably find there is a recurrence pattern already set to something like 'Weekly: Recur every 1 week'.

5.Change the recurrence pattern to 'Regenerate new task 1 week(s) after each task is completed. Click <OK>.

6. Save and close task.

Tasks will still show up in date due list, but will not duplicate until you mark the task as complete. At that point the original task is deleted and a new task created according to the rule you have defined in <Recurrence>.

So far have had no rogue duplications with the tasks I have set up in this manner. There is no way to do this other than one task at a time.

You may be using a different program other than gSyncit, but I suspect that does not matter.

I have not been doing this for very long, but my gut tells me this is the solution. Time will tell. If you choose to try this work-around, please post your experience here.