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Posted: Apr 20, 2009

spencer, I'm a bit confused - I'm able to enter multiple tags for a task (for example "buy, homedepot, kitchen remodel"). I can then use the tag view to see all tasks tagged "buy", or all those marked "homedepot", etc. To view tasks that have a combination of tags ("buy" and "homedepot", or "research" and "homedepot", or whatever) I can just create a search for it.

How are you setting up your tags / phrasing your searches? Perhaps your view is different, or we could help you find something.

Posted: Apr 01, 2009
From Topic: Importing from Excel


You'll need to use Excel to export that file as a *.csv. Choose File > Save As... and then in the save dialog box, choose "Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)". Enter a filename.

Then in Toodledo, choose Import/Export/Sync in the left sidebar. In the second section on the page, just under "Importing and Exporting Data", there is an option "CSV Import / Export". Choosing that takes you to the import/export page. In the first box, choose Browse and upload the CSV file you just saved. The very next screen after that will let you tell Toodledo what type of field each column is.

If you already have headers in your Excel file (like "Task", "Due Date" in the first row) then this import process will create an extra to-do item that you'll need to delete after the import.

Posted: Apr 01, 2009
From Topic: Hidden Active Task?

I think it's a bug, definitely.

I've noticed that the "[x] active tasks hidden by your filter settings" at the bottom always has a value for x that corresponds to: # in the tab title (such as "Starred ([y])") minus # of actual tasks displayed (just under that, "[z] To-Dos sorted by...") .

However, [y] only updates when you refresh the page, or click on another view "View by: ... " and then return. Simply clicking on another tab won't do it. Re-clicking on the tab you're on also won't do it.

So in your case it's possible you completed a task or otherwise did something to a task that removed it from that view - but the number of total tasks Toodledo *thinks* is in that view doesn't get knocked down by one until you refresh, so Toodledo tricks itself into thinking you must have hidden that task on purpose via a filter.

It's possible to use the same trick in reverse to get Toodledo to imply there are no filtered tasks (the message disappears) but when you choose "show deferred" (for example) more tasks show up. (Right now I am looking at a screen that shows "Starred (15)" and then just below that "16 To-dos sorted by....").

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Posted: Feb 27, 2009

I find that the "Importance" calculation built into Toodledo works quite seamlessly with the spirit of Covey's quadrant system, though the wording can get confusing because importance in Toodledo and importance in Covey are slightly different things.

If you use the "Priority" field in Toodledo to represent "Importance" in Covey (so Priority 2 = A, Priority 1 = B, Priority 0 = C, -1 = D) and then make sure to appropriately set start dates and due dates to reflect Urgency in Covey, then viewing your list by "Importance" in Toodledo will sort things into a nice Covey order. The bins don't line up exactly, but the order is still roughly the same. You won't get the specific A1, A2, A3 order, but it'll present tasks that have the same importance and urgency together in the list and then you can decide which is A2 and which is A3 when you start them.

(The kicker here is that I seem to recall posts here that implied you can't yet sort by importance on the iPhone app. I can't confirm as I haven't gotten an iPhone yet.)

On the web site, I keep dividers turned on to show me the importance levels so I can see more clearly what tasks fall where; I might have importance levels of 11/9/7/2 (roughly A1/A2/B1/C3 for me) and I like to know when I can stop doing stuff and go play.

I also use the starred field every morning to select tasks that I intend to attempt today out of my master list (All Items). Starring things bumps them up by one in importance ranking, so it helps bubble those things to the top. Then you can use the view of Starred Items, sorted by Importance, to basically give you your daily task list already ordered & ranked for you.

You will need to find your own level of comfort for using the due date field. With no due date set, the Toodledo Importance will still put high priority things higher in importance than low priority things. Anything that has an actual due date set will move up in importance as the due date approaches, and will be ranked higher (as a rule) than things that don't have due dates set. Many hard-line GTDers say that you should not set a due date for a project that doesn't have a hard-and-fast deadline (like for example fixing the gutters, which needs to be done "soon" but not on a specific day). Other people set a "flexible" due date - they'll put in a target for when they'd like to have the task done, and then they remember for themselves or make a note in Notes or Tags as to whether it's a hard deadline or a soft one.

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Posted: Feb 27, 2009

I'm getting the same behavior and it's stemming from the slim client. Anything that accessed the slim client is showing 0 items on my Hotlist - even though the full web view and the basic html view display it properly (full of items). Every other view seems to work fine in the slim client but I didn't do too much testing.

Just noticed this today, not sure how long it's been going on.

Posted: Feb 27, 2009
From Topic: Gadgets for Gmail?

Even though Toodledo doesn't have a specific gadget for Gmail yet, you can use the Google Labs feature to install the current iGoogle gadget into your Gmail.

You will need to be using Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, or Google Chrome for this to work.

1. Under Settings, find the tab for Labs. Scroll down until you see "Add any gadget by URL" (it was at the very bottom for me). Choose "Enable" and then "Save Changes".

2. Now under Settings there should be a new tab called "Gadgets". In the URL box enter: http://www.toodledo.com/widget/igoogle.php and hit "Add".

Posted: Feb 20, 2009
From Topic: Copying Tasks

There's not currently a "duplicate task or folder" feature that I know of.

But there is a workaround:

Basically you would make a CSV file with all those standard tasks in it as a template and keep the file on your hard drive. Then every time you start a new case, you would just import that template, and then change the folder name and any case-specific info.

Posted: Feb 18, 2009
From Topic: Expiration dates?

"Is there anything that allows for an expiration date on a task. I have repeating tasks that I may not complete during the current cycle and it would be nice if they just expired and moved to and expired or not completed list. Then the next cycle could repopulate."

You can accomplish this by putting a ? in front of the due date. See http://www.toodledo.com/info/help.php?sel=42 .

"Is there anything like a sleeper setting. You could set the date you want the task to be in your current lists. For a monthly cycle say you only wanted to see the task one week before it's due date."

You can do this using either the "Start Date" field (you'll need to turn it on in option settings) or by putting a > in front of the date. These two methods work slightly differently (start date allows a task to be hidden until some specified number of days before the due date, while > hides the task until the actual due date). You can read up on them here:

Posted: Feb 12, 2009

Here's a partial solution which requires a Pro subscription:

Read here: http://www.toodledo.com/info/subtasks.php in the section titled "Repeating tasks with subtasks".

What if you did the following:
- made a task titled "Daily Work Routine", with due date tomorrow, due time 2 am (optional if you use this field), repeating every 1 days from completion date (not from due date)
- made subtasks for each of your work activities, each repeating "with parent"

Then each night you could check off the subtasks as you go. When you clock out, check off the parent task of "Work Routine". It will automatically recreate the parent task and all the subtasks for the next day. The parent task and new tasks will not reappear until you check off the parent task, so that fixes the "new day at midnight" issue.

Now the issue is how to keep the parent task and/or subtasks from cluttering up your hotlist.

If you don't use subtasks for anything else, the answer is easy - just keep tasks nested all the time (under "Filters" / "Nest Subtasks"). Only the parent task will show up on your hotlist, which is probably tolerable. Subtasks can then be accessed by selecting "Toggle Subtasks", which will expand the whole list, but you can re-collapse it anytime you want.

If you do use subtasks for other things, there's a bit of a wonky workaround: don't check off the parent task until you arrive at work the next day. This will mean that the parent task still hangs out on your hotlist, but the subtasks - which are completed - don't. The downside of this method is that once you arrive at work and check it off, your parent task and all subtasks will display as due "tomorrow". Which I suppose is technically correct. :)

I've tested all of the above on the web interface and it seems to work the way you want it, with the exception of that parent task on your hotlist. The only catch is that I don't know how often you use the web interface during the day; what program you're using to access your list through the iPod (and how it displays subtasks); whether you like to also view your hotlist at work, and so on. But hopefully this will give you some ways to test.

Posted: Feb 12, 2009

Summoning up the original question of this thread:

Is there now a way to get an iCal event or task feed of a subset of tasks, like say just my hotlist or just things in a certain folder?

If not, can you tell us where (if at all) this feature ranks on the planned improvements list?

Thanks so much!

Posted: Feb 09, 2009

Also adding a vote to allow sort-by-importance on the FF sidebar.

(For what it's worth, the importance ranking is the feature that made me immediately drop all attempts to make other to-do list managers work; I've been implementing a similar system via Excel and VBS because I couldn't find any other place that did it. Your algorithm is genius, and more robust than mine.)
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