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Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Thanks for this. Adding IFTTT significantly increases the value of Toodledo for my GTD flow. I can now move actions I was capturing to Evernote directly into Toodledo - my preferred action capture system.

To maximize the utility I'd like to have Action Fields for Start Date (with Default = Today) and Context. This would help fit recipes like Watch YouTube Later more directly into my GTD flow bypassing Inbox processing for this type of activity.

Posted: Sep 20, 2012
From Topic: Support for Drafts

Any plan to support posting from Drafts?

Even with the new sharing integration in iOS6 Drafts gives me a good way to quickly add notes to various other apps including Evernote and various other task/list managers.

I understand it requires URL schemes to add tasks (support ticket #35380)

In the meantime I can use their email sharing to send to TDD.

EDIT: With the Toodledo update from last night there's a link to iOS Reminders so I can use that to get tasks into Toodledo from Drafts in the meantime.

Thanks - I'm a big fan - TDD has really helped me streamline my GTD.

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Posted: Sep 15, 2012
From Topic: The 'thought' context

I use tags for this.

Each Task that has a dependency on someone else on my team/family gets tagged with that person's name e.g. "Joe" then when I am meeting them I can pull up all relevant Tasks and run through them. This shows Tasks that I am Waiting for their input/response or that I want to Delegate to them.

Posted: Jul 19, 2012

One feature that would make my life a lot easier is a one click facility to change between two sets of contexts to allow me switch between work and non-work contexts.

Currently the user has to select the Show drop down and then click on "invert" in the Show Contexts menu - having a button on the toolbar to do this directly would make switching from work to non-work Contexts a sinch!

I'd easily sacrifice the print button on the tool bar for this - who prints any more? :)

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Posted: May 15, 2010

While I use both Evernote and OneNote for different reasons, I would also like to have the Toodledo notes sync with my iPhone using the Toodeldo app. I use it for checklists which would be good to have in my hand!