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Posted: Nov 30, 2012


My second post after one day using this update on IPhone.

I'm less angry about this version. The scroling of the task list is much better on this version, very useful. I like also the detail written under the text of the task (file, repeat, date).
Adding a subtask from a task is also a good new feature.

I'm still angry against the color and the contrast. And I use it in professionnal context !! The "flashy" color was very useful because the contrast was good.
There is also another problem : the font of the note text is too little.

The french translation doesn't work very well. Many texts are too long. And most of new texts are missing.

A found a bug : when you choose a repeat "every one week", it appears as "every one day" on the detail task screen. I think it is well stored in database because it's written "every one week" on the task list, ans it is OK on the web. But it is bad written (every 1 day) on the detail task screen.

If I find more issues, I will tell you.

Thanks for your job. Anyway, I will keep Toodledo !! :)


Posted: Nov 29, 2012


I use Toodledo for many years. I use both on Iphone, IPad and on the web. I have done the update on IPhone. I won't do it on IPad !!! I don't like the update at all. The grey scheme is awful, not readable at all. Please let us to choose between the new scheme and the old one.
Agree with "kiteboy" : The fonts are both too big (task names) and too small (everything else). Moreover, they don't use the row heights effectively.

I will wait that all these things will be fixed before an update on IPad.


Posted: Jun 22, 2011

Thanks a lot.

Posted: Jun 20, 2011


I would like to know if there is a way to automatically schedule a task on today until this task is done.

For example, I have a task scheduled for today. At the end of the day, this task is not done. The following day, I would like that this task is automatically scheduled to the following day.

Is it possible ?

Thanks. Alain.

Posted: Jul 19, 2010
From Topic: Text note truncated

I found the solution !!
I post it for someone else who could have the same problem.

In fact, th problem came from the PC at work. It didn't work at all with the note, whatever the browser I used (IE, Firefox, Chrome).
It was the proxy which truncated the message. It was exactly the antivirus engine of the proxy which truncated the message between the workstation and the site toodledo. So, I asked administrator to put this site off the engine proxy.
And now, it works perfectly !!

Why the proxy does that ? I don't know. The administrator said to me that somthing might be wrong written in Ajax or in Javascript. But, it's difficult to know exactly what.

So, everything is OK.

Posted: Jul 16, 2010
From Topic: Text note truncated


I have two computers where toodledo run on IE8. On one, everything is OK.
On the other, I have a problem for note length !!! The note length is truncated after some hundreds characters. I didn't find any rules but the note is truncated if too long but I cannot explain the "too long".
I checked all IE options between my two computers and I found any différences.
Do you have any idea ? Thanks a lot.