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Posted: Mar 06, 2009

Hi. I just started using Toodledo about 30 minutes ago (Free account, but I am evaluating for Pro Plus to use as a remote collaboration tool for several businesses). The lack of multi-edit functionality reached up and slapped me in the face as soon as I had created my first dozen or so tasks (which was nice and easy). I completely agree with the suggestion that Toodledo needs to get this functionality up and running ASAP.

HOWEVER, in the meantime, I came up with a pretty decent workaround that avoids the need to create a complex search.

1. Create a new folder called "Edit" or something similar
2. In the grid view, change each task that you want to update to the "Edit" folder (one click per task)
3. Go to the advanced search (two clicks)
4. Add the search criteria of Folder = Edit (two clicks)
5. Run the search (one click)
6. Perform edits (1+ clicks)

Note: This works best if you are doing all of your edits within one folder (ie edit tasks in your Personal To Dos folder and while editing change the folder back from Edit to Personal To Dos) However, you could easily span folders and then revert the changes to folder manually.

Hope this helps.