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Posted: Nov 07, 2011

I add my voice to that requesting searches orders to be saved as well - I use one search for anything with the word "today" in it, and want those sorted alphabetically, but this mucks up my other saved searches which are sorted by Star and then Importance.

Also .... can we please have "Quick Search" within search, I've got a saved "Hotter" search which gives me what I want instead of the limited algorithm in the official Hotlist. BUT when I do this, I can't search within it.

Posted: Sep 16, 2011

The term "Active" in status is a bit ambiguous, the way I use it is for tasks that I have Started but not completed.

I really want these to show up in my HotList, as a prompt to go back and complete - for example I might have interrupted a task for a meeting, or to allow for a download, or do something urgent.

It is different from "next Action" which matches GTD methodology, and is tasks that haven't been Started.

The HotList configuration is strange, you don't get to pick which Status's show up, only whehter "next Action" does.

Any ideas?

Posted: Sep 15, 2011
From Topic: Daily tasks

Hi - I have a set of tasks I like to do daily, and another set for weekly and so on. I'm not quite sure how to set them up.

If I set them as repeating daily, then as soon as I check them off, the new repeating task is set up, and clutters up the list (the only way to tell if its today's task or not is to look over at the due date). Is there any way to setup the task so it doesn't get recreated until the next day?