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Posted: Jan 22, 2013

I have been following the previous discussions on fitting the task list on a printed page. Are there any updates to address this deficiency?

The problem is that when I print out my task list each week, the printout only covers about 3/4 of the width of the page. Thus the font size is small. The previous recommendation of either increasing the font size on screen or using the browser print dialog is cumbersome, as it needs to be changed before and after printing, so the screen view isn't distorted too.

I have been a premium user for quite a while, and this has been a problem for me from day one. I have waited patiently. Please consider fixing this problem, as I'm surprised you haven't gotten more upset feedback on it.

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Posted: Aug 28, 2012
From Topic: Siri and Toodledo

Posted by Toodledo:
We will look into making our Siri support better.

Any update on the better Siri integration?

Posted: Aug 20, 2012

if you are using the toodledo iOS client, all task changes are queued up and synced at regular intervals, so you don't need to have a live connection.