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Posted: Mar 27, 2009

I believe I saw a thread on this already (but can't find it now), but in the interest of saving valuable key strokes and time for mobile phone users of Toodledo, will you be converting "tag" set up to one that can be predefined? This will also prevent what I call "tag waste" - where tags are close but not matches, i.e. "Birthday" being one tag, and "Birthdays" being another... or "Organizing" vs. "Cleaning."

It's hard to keep track of what previous tags you've used as well as best/shortest word choice to apply (over time).

Obviously the best approach would be one that allows you to "predefine" and select from a pull down of sorts, but also allow for tag creation on the fly too.

Thoughts or progress on this front?

### updated:
I just saw in your forum suggestions to submit feature requests (for real follow up) through your "ticket" submission process, which I did with this one. I Look forward to the result.

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Posted: Mar 27, 2009

Yes. as I'm wrapping up the book David Allen's GTD, it makes more sense to me now. Context = location where certain tool sets/environments present themselves to allow you to be productive on a certain series of tasks.

I followed his recommendations and set these up: Agendas, At computer, At Home, At office, Calls to make, Errands, Online, Read/review. Agendas is a bit nebulous at first glance, but he makes a good case for it in having key meetings with people and having discussions points available for those conversations.

Thanks Saskia

Posted: Mar 27, 2009
From Topic: SMS reminders

If you want the SMS addresses for the most popular carriers in the US, you can find them here:


Posted: Mar 23, 2009

Or... if you have the iPhone version you can create the task there, and just select the days you need to have repeated - by simply checking each day - super simple. Then on the next synch with the web version of Toodledo it will be set and ready for you.

I love this - getting control of my life back (half way through David Allen's GTD book now), thanks Toodledo!

Posted: Mar 23, 2009

I'm really enjoying the Toodledo online app working with my iPhone version of Toodledo too! But a couple of your competitors have something so minor (yet huge) over Toodledo - the ability to set multiple contexts to a task. Is this coming soon?

Does asking this question mean I have too many contexts set? I travel and have a home office, so often times things may overlap... I have/use "at home, errands, spiritual development, personal, phone calling, reading, traveling, and work"
SCW - greg

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