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Posted: Apr 08, 2013
From Topic: Competitors

For the iOS app you need the following:

( 1 ) Saved Searches (with Saved Views - see next item)

( 2 ) Saved Views (eg. User definable combinations of Date range, contexts, tags, locations, etc.)

( 3 ) Multi-item edit (eg. moving 6 tasks from Mon to Weds)

( 4 ) Notes should be below the Fields like the used to be (eg. opening a to-do that has a note should not make the default field list jump up and down. Fingers need to go to the same place each time.)

( 5 ) Filters should be available for Goals & Locations (in addition to Contexts and Tags).

( 6 ) Status - To Hide or Not to Hide needs to be user definable. For example, I have a lot of Delegated items. These are as important to me as "next actions". However, when filtering, Delegated is a "deferred status". I should be able to adjust the settings to decide was is "deferred" vs. non-deferred status.

( 7 ) Due by Date view - Today view & Tomorrow view are a good start. However, I really need to be able to see the next 7 days, categorized by each DAY, and not lumped all together. For example, I'm putting together my weekly plan. I want to coordinate what key tasks are going to be completed on each specific day. Therefore, I need to see the tasks that are assigned to each day, with a sub-heading for that day (eg. Monday 04/08, Tuesday 04/09, Wednesday 04/10, Thursday 04/11, Friday 04/12, Saturday 04/13, Sunday 04/14). Tasks for that day are listed beneath the heading.

Pro User - can't remember how long