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Posted: Jan 14, 2014
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Posted by Jake:
Yes, this is possible, but you need a Gold subscription to do it.

Video #10 will demonstrate how to do it: http://www.toodledo.com/info/videos.php

Thanks -- now a Gold subscriber! TD is awesome.

Now that I'm using Lists more, I'd like to put in another vote for tri-state checkboxes: unchecked, checked, and grayed out (or X).

Posted: Jan 10, 2014
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Posted by Shayne.Tanner:
how do I link to my list to a task?

UPDATED - I worked it out - attachments!


I'm trying to do this now, and can't figure it out. I have a task, and I have a list; I'd like to link the list to the task so when I'm viewing the task I can click to go to the list. Is that what you were talking about? Is that possible?

Posted: Dec 02, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

How do I re-sort the list after adding some items? New items always get added at the top, not in sort order (unless I'm doing something wrong). So far the only way I've found is to switch to viewing another list and then back to the list I'm working with.

Posted: Nov 16, 2012
From Topic: reorder context list?

I have a bunch of contexts, and I wish Home and Work were the first in the list on the left sidebar, instead of others being between them. Is there any way to reorder the list of contexts? I tried Edit Contexts and just reordering them there but that didn't work.

Posted: Sep 05, 2012

I just want to chime in here and say I don't use ToodleDo for scheduled tasks, but everything else to be done. Meetings and things to be done _at_ a particular time go on my calendar (gmail or work). Things to be done _by_ a particular time go in my TD, and I have things sorted so they bubble up to the top as they get near. Then I just work down my list.

So go ahead & add better calendar integration and scheduling, but in my workflow, I'm fine with how it works now. If it were up to me, I'd prefer TD to add multiple contexts per task (do this at home OR at work), multilevel subtasks, and batch operations (multi-select).

Posted: May 07, 2012

I use TD for managing my home life and my business, and have turned on many other folks to it. I'm a pro subscriber. I sync my Android to it as well. There is no question in my mind as to the value of the product, regardless of future direction. I am a 100% locked-in customer and loving it.

I don't care about the new graphs, the new slim site, iOS, nor a bunch of other things. And yes, I have itches I'd like scratched - plenty of them. But given the price/value relationship I am again extremely satisfied with current progress.

Also, I've seen enough companies go down the tubes because the professionalized what had been done through passion that I'm not anxious for TD to repeat that. Just a long-winded way of saying, keep up the good work.

Posted: May 03, 2012

I just tried it, and for me at least the Completion Time graph has a bunch of tasks with negative completion times. What does that mean (or is it a bug)?

Posted: Dec 14, 2011

kylin1989: there are plenty of decent Android apps that sync with TD. To-Do List and Pocket Informant are two I use; To-Do List is fine. I think Astrid still syncs with TD... there are probably others too.

Posted: Dec 07, 2011
From Topic: A few bug fixes

Thanks!! Esp. for #3 which was my biggest annoyance. (If that's someone's biggest annoyance you know you're doing things pretty much right :-) )

Posted: Dec 01, 2011

Is it a known issue that "Today" in the calendar picker is actually yesterday after midnight? I leave my TD open in a Chrome or Firefox tab all the time, and each morning if I don't refresh the tab (with the browser refresh -- R shortcut doesn't fix it) all the dates still think it's yesterday, so I end up confused.

Couldn't TD know that the current day has changed and refresh its internal idea of "today"?

Posted: Sep 26, 2011

So I can just replace the guts of my backup crontab script with 'wget http://www.toodledo.com/tools/backup.php' (with appropriate authentication)? Nice. It even saves it with a decent name.

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

As I'm sure everyone knows, if you leave Toodledo open past midnight, "today" becomes yesterday in the date picker, and all your "tomorrows" in the Due Date column are really due today. Toodledo doesn't auto-refresh ever, so it doesn't know the date has rolled over.

If that's non-trivial to fix, I have a perhaps simpler idea: just show the current date (& maybe time) of last refresh in the new bottom bar; there's plenty of space there. Then it'll at least remind me that TD still thinks it's yesterday before I go and update all my tasks to "today" which isn't really today.

Of course actually making it always know what today is would be even better. ;-)

Posted: Aug 12, 2011

I made a little stylish styler to take out the drop-shadows on the hi/top priorities in grid mode, and I get this warning due to that. My style is really simple:

.pri3, .pri2 { text-shadow: none; }
.dim { color: #ccc; }

but it's enough to trigger the warning persistently. (As others have said, the "dismiss" link doesn't dismiss it.)

Posted: Aug 04, 2011

Thanks again! Great stuff, you guys rock.

I tried the styling title by priority, but I really don't like the black-with-gray-dropshadow look; it makes the task look blurry to me. Just bold would be fine for me. I suppose this might be a themable thing when themes come...

(But if it was up to me to say, I think batch operations, i.e. multiselect, is way more important than themeability. That's now my #1 request.)

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Woo hoo! Looks excellent. Can't wait to dig into it. I wondered why things had been so quiet around here... :)

Posted: Mar 10, 2011

Absolutely worth it.

Posted: Mar 02, 2011

Posted by PeterW:
What I do is use the 'star' field to put tasks onto my Hotlist so they remain visible. This has the benefit of keeping them on the list until they're done but I don't have to keep rolling the due date forward.

I found that constantly rolling the due date forward was not only time consuming but added to the stress by making me feel I was under-achieving.

I agree w/ PeterW; I started with dates for everything but ended up with dates for only things that have actual deadlines, and using star + priority for hotlisting.

Posted: Jan 22, 2011
From Topic: List Refresh

I think if you hit "r" to refresh it should put it in the right place.

Posted: Jan 12, 2011

I think it would be great to have simple wiki syntax markup in the notes that go with each task (not sure what they're called). Bullet lists starting with " * ", strikeout with ~~text~~, bold/italic with *text* and _text_ and so on. There are lots of free wiki syntax processors out there you could use.

Posted: Jan 10, 2011

I've been using TD for nearly a year now, with only slight tweaks to my original workflow. I'm now thinking I can do (a lot) better, from what I've seen on the lists here.

I typically have 40-50 tasks on my work list and 10-30 on my home list, including Somedays. I use contexts only for Home/Work. I used to use folders for projects, but actually end up not using them much so I turned them off and use Tags if I need categorization. I have Status enabled but don't use it much, only for Waiting and occasionally Someday.

Typically anything I need to do "soon" I make due today or tomorrow. Someday things, I just leave with no date. (This causes problems with Ultimate To Do List on Android, which sorts no-date tasks first!) This is one of the main things I'm thinking of changing, because every morning I have to reset all my overdue tasks to today again, which is kind of senseless I'm realizing.

I'm thinking of using priority more and due date less; sort by importance as I do now, but only assign due dates for things REALLY due on that date. Give everything the proper priority and context, low pri for Someday items, hi pri for do this soon. Then I'll Star my next actions (from looking at the whole list) and sort stars to the top (importance already does that?) and I should be good to go, picking tasks off the top. Then I shouldn't have to reset anything each day.

I'm not sure what to do about Status; I'd like to keep it if it can be helpful but I use it so rarely.

What do you all think of this workflow? Before I dive into it I'd like your feedback, there are lots of smart people on this forum!
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