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Posted: Jan 15, 2012
From Topic: Export as SQLite?

Seems like the kind of thing one could build (assuming the API supported the right interfaces) using a tool like Talend Open Studio (open source-- from www.talend.com).

Posted: Jul 23, 2009

Posted by saskia.x:
Hi, I don't know if this will be of use to you, but I wrote a little AutoHotKey script that lets me select any text and send it to Evernote as a search term. This lets me create pseudo-links to things in EN.

It hits me that with Greasemonkey you could probably modify the page on the fly to include links to Evernote items or something like that. It would be better than nothing... I just look at this app as being almost something I could "live in all day" but not quite.

Posted: Apr 08, 2009

I've considered (fantasized about) integration of Toodledo with something like Evernote to keep richer information with tasks than I currently can in task notes... has anyone else looked at an idea like this?
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