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Posted: Oct 28, 2009

Hi, this has been requested back in 2008. With the recent updates to the keyboard shortcuts (thanks!) I'd like to ask again if it would be possible to a shortcut for switching between ToDos and notes (Notebook). I guess an easy way would be to add the notebook link right at top of the ToDo list menu. Any chance to get a notebook shortcut implemented in the near future? Regards, Thomas

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

Hi and thanks for providing the Toodledo service. Concerning the iPhone app many suggestions have already been made. I'd like to suggest another two which I find pretty essential.

1. Multiline display of task text
This could be implemented by A) a toogle button in the lower bar which switches between the current information (due date etc.) and a two line display of task text or B) you give an option in the settings to set which information you would like to see or C) you extend the display to show task text in full providing multiple lines for long entries.

2. Context filter
In my opinion this is essential for GTD. I do not want to see contexts that are not available at the moment because every task I see will naturally leads to (unconscious) thinking about it disturbing or breaking my processing of tasks. I know there is an option to browse tasks by context, however, I guess for most of us this is not the default view. E.g. I am using the views by folder (=project) and by due date most of the time. This could be implemented by extending the Filters menu: simply add a list with all existing contexts and allow to untick all contexts that you do not want to see.

Any chance we might see these features? And by the way, do you have an update release already in the pipeline?

Thanks and regards,

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

Keef, it would be nice if you find the time to discuss two feature suggestions for your app:

1. True commandline capability: Currently I am calling your app from another VBA macro using the runandexit option. This works, however, my macro does not know when the sync process has been finished which makes things a little complicated. It would really be nice to either have a commandline version or any other method to get this kind of information (e.g. a logfile created after syncing).
Concerning the 25 tasks/sync limit, is this a limitation of the Toodledo API? In my workflow, I am only syncing manually once a day, however, it is always about 20-40 tasks that have to be updated.

2. Custom field mapping: You are already supporting some special Toodledo properties as Outlook custom properties like tdtag. This is very convenient to use. It would be nice extending the list of custom fields which get synced back to Toodledo (e.g. tdstarred or tdpriority). An ideal solution could be an option to map properties between Toddledo and Outlook: e.g. you could set if you want a mapping between Toodledo contexts and Outlook tdcontext or Outlook categories. Another example would be priorities: either use Outlooks bultin priority or use tdpriority... and so on. Personally, I would be happy enough to see tdstarred and tdpriority.

Best regards,

Posted: Apr 21, 2009
From Topic: Outlook SyncApp: Bugs

First of all, keef, thanks a lot for sharing your application. If you have the time, it would be great if you could have a look into these two problems:

1. When running the SyncApp with the runandexit switch the taskbar button will not be cleared. Doing this multiple times you end up with multiple entries. Note that I am running on Vista Business 32bit.

2. This seems to be more serious: Outlook complains that the data file has not been closed properly and it has to check it for errors. Outlook only complains if a sync has been done - either manually or scheduled. Note that I am running Outlook 2007 using .pst files (no Exchange). I have kept the initial settings except for "Ignore existing completed tasks" which is unchecked. Could it be that there is some pointer or object not cleared after each sync run?

Thanks and regards,
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