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Posted: Nov 30, 2011
From Topic: Sharing Feature

I am very disappointed to realise that this is not available on teh iphone/ipad. I've just purchased a pro account for my husband (I already had one myself) only to find out that the iphone app won't allow you to view shared tasks. That really is a bit of a bummer!

Can someone please tell me if its going to be a matter of months or years? I notice that the last update to this topic was in July!!! Any further update from Toodledo?

I'm guessing that my only option is to add things to my husband's account under his name and then he can view tem but it means I can't manage the list of tasks easily!

Not a happy bunny!

Posted: Apr 08, 2011
From Topic: Pocket Informant ?

I was using pocket informant (still use it for my calendar) but decided to go back to using the Toodledo iPHone app for managing my to do list).

Posted: Apr 08, 2011

Does anyone know if there is a logical reason why you should use your GTD contexts (ie @Home, @Work, or whatever) in the Context field as opposed to, say, the Projects or Location fields. Personally I'm using the Location field for actual locations at the moment but curious to know what others are doing.

Posted: Apr 08, 2011

Firstly, let me say a bit about me. I’m a PA (in work) and a mum and in general just an obsessive organiser. Although I have to say I think I spend more time “organising” than I do “doing”.

I’ve been reading up on GTD for a while now and tried several different systems. I’ve been using Evernote for about a month and tried using it as a “to do” system but find it too difficult to view things quickly. So I’ve gone back to Toodledo and after trying to use it within my iPhone calendar app (Pocket Informant) but I just don’t find it mirrors Toodledo enough so I’ve redownloaded Toodledo iPhone app and so far its working like a dream. And I’ve been reading up a lot – both online generally and in the forum here – to see what other people do to see if it could help my system run more smoothly.

Fields I Use

• Context
• Folder
• Due Date
• (Due Time)
• Repeat
• Length
• Location
• Star

This is my main category and the theory is that if there is no context the item hasn’t been processed yet.

My contexts are:
• .Inbox (this is set as the default context so that any new tasks go here if I’ve just quickly added them and then I can sort them later.
• Home (I am thinking of getting rid of this as I am also using locations and I have one set up for Home – but I’m not sure what to replace it with yet).
• Housework
• Information (this is mainly for birthdays/anniversaries that I have imported into Toodledo via another iPhone app)
• Out
• Shopping (for my shopping lists)
• t-Home PC
• t-Laptop
• t-Phone
• Work

I’m really only using these as a way to a) have somewhere to focus on specific projects and b) as a way to differentiate between the items in my contexts.

So my folders are:
• Anniversaries (all given the Context “Information)
• Ben (my husband – I was hoping to use this folder to share items with him. I’ve not delved into sharing much other than to send him a notification which he’s ignored! Lol)
• Birthdays (all given the Context “Information)
• Shopping-me
• Shopping-Clothes
• Shopping-Food/House
• Shopping-Kids
• Housework-Bedroom
• Housework-Kitchen
• Housework-Laundry
• Housework-Sitting Room

So far that’s as far as I’ve got.

Due Date

Due Time
I’m not sure if I’m actually going to use this or not. I’ve been debating taking it out, as it seems like the more fields you have when you add a to-do, the longer it takes and therefore the less your thoughts can flow. There will be occasions when I need to set things up to happen at specific times but then I tend to set these up as Alarms on my iPhone in a separate Alarms app. Anything else will only be done as and when I have time or am in the right location.

I love the idea of repeating alarms. And I’m trying to use it more. I have started using it for my Housework items although I’m such a rubbish housewife that I tend to just do things as and when they desperately need doing and no amount of listmaking seems to be able to make me keep on top of it!!!!

I also like the idea of this. And I like the fact that Toodledo has a Scheduler and if you tell it how much time you have it will tell you which items you can do. I haven’t really played with this that much yet as I haven’t given all my items lengths.

This is pretty self explanatory. But basically I have:
• .Home (with the dot in front to keep it at the top).
• Anywhere
• (names of shops that I regularly go to – with the exact location too)
• (Name of my local town – and random centre of town location added)
• Work

I wasn’t really using this before, but after reading a thread on here where the author said they were using it to flag up urgent items, I’ve decided to give it a go. This is why I’ve decided to give up Priority field because I don’t actually have that many tasks to deal with (in my current system – probably cos I’ve not been doing it for that long) so I don’t feel like I need to organise my tasks by priority as that would just end up being more work than its worth.

Gonna finish now as its Friday night and I’ve got Chilli con Carne coming and wine to drink!!!