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Posted: May 14, 2014

Thanks Jake. I'm fine but was freaking out. I must have inadvertently clicked on a list that only had 1 task in it. Will do back ups of TD as that is an important safety measure with any important data. Your response gave me enough confidence to move around in TD and realize that this was all user error in some strange way.

Posted: May 14, 2014

Resolved ... some kind of strange user behavior/error - thanks Jake.

Long time pro subscriber using Chrome browser on Windows 7 PC. Not sure what I did, but TD shows this message "You've done everything in this folder".

This is my main task list folder with several 100 tasks/subtasks.

I was looking at a note in a Parent task, and am not aware of clicking delete or doing anything else.

TD is still open in a different tab; and I have not done anything else. The Chrome browser does NOT show a left-pointing back arrow; I have not done ctrl Z. Searching forum on "undo" has not offered anything of value.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I have not backed up TD in ages, and find it hard to believe that I might really be in a mess.

added a few minutes later ...
I was NOT in multi-edit. I was simply reading within a Note connected to a Parent task. I do NOT use any 3rd party app with TD. I was not doing this on iPhone, although I do have the TD iPhone app.

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Posted: May 02, 2012
From Topic: Siri and Toodledo

Being using Siri in simplistic way for several weeks to add tasks, but when Toodledo gets a 4S and actually does some testing you will probably find out that dictating a task with the required special characters, e.g.

Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work $Active ~1hour

Is a bit of a challenge for Siri. I am not suggesting changing what special characters are needed, but simply not requiring that each chunk of data be separated by a space. At least for me it'd be much easier to dictate a continuous string of characters and text, AND actually have Siri get it right.

Nonetheless, this is a bit of frosting on the cake. If it works then one does not have to edit the task once it is seen in TD. That'd be a time saver, and I evaluate the value of TD in part on the time that it saves me, plus many other factors.

Posted: Apr 09, 2012

TD ...
I'd also like this flexibility. Yes you can use saved search, HOWEVER as far as I know the email that is sent shortly after midnight is your standard Hotlist and not some saved search that I have created.

For me it is easier to receive the Hotlist email, add some additional comments to it and then print it out and I am set for the day in situations where I might not have internet access.

Posted: Apr 05, 2012

Actually I am launching my adult son with Toodledo Pro account and iPhone app. I am long time TD user, but brand new to iPhone app.
Any ideas on creating a simple system; iPhone versus main TD gotchas; etc. Critique and suggestions for my ideas/guesses of an approach are greatly appreciated. Context is that he will be going to grad school and continuing to do some freelance work; hopefully will still have a personal life.

Goal is simple approach that encourages consistent use; most full entry of new tasks would not be on iPhone. iPhone would be primarily to have easy access to hot list and to Starred items.

I have glanced at some of the forum posts (many of which are older, so iPhone features I'm sure have improved, and some past problems {synch, repeated tasks, etc.}have been resolved.

1) Do not completely rely on iPhone app. Test things as you are learning so that you do NOT loose any important tasks. I plan to suggest that initially all tasks marked completed be reviewed daily to make sure that one did not inadvertently mark something complete that is NOT. Seems like this error might be easier to do on iPhone with limited screen space.

2) A task with subtask should have the first word of the description in ALL caps, so that if it is viewed out of context (inline) one automatically knows that it has subtasks.

3) While I generally do not like proliferating folders and for many of my own projects I can manage via task/subtask, it seems that having more folders (upto perhaps 10 to 12) might make using things on iPhone easier. Folder would be major current projects, and life areas. Since each Folder would have fewer tasks/subtasks finding things on iPhone might be easier with this organization (in contrast to folders that were more like Personal Work Maybe Reference Lists).

4) Sorting that works for you? Will suggest GTD principle of only having due dates on items that truly have deadlines or appointments. While most looking at TD on iPhone at least initially might be via Hotlist or Starred view, when actually viewing a Folder that sorting Priority and then Alphabetical OR Priority then Date Added might be a suggested sort. (Neither I or my son are full-on GTD people.)

5) For my own use, I try to minimize the number of TD fields that I use (or display). Having fewer would seem to have even more pay off for iPhone app to reduce clutter; do you find that to be a good guideline?

I will most likely suggest at least initially NOT using:
Start Date
and probably Status

Emphasis would be on
Due Date

6) New tasks entered on iPhone unless they do not need breaking down into subtasks, or need a Note; and those which would be obvious even if written in shorthand would either be placed in an Inbox folder, or always reviewed at end of day for proper assignment and as needed further elaboration when one has access to a true keyboard.

I love the flexibility of TD, and I expect the iPhone app as well, and know that there is not just one set of best practices that works across all people/situations. Nonetheless, there are great people on the forum that have evolved their approach and can help cut the learning curve for others - thanks for taking the time to cut my learning curve on iPhone app.

Posted: Jan 22, 2011
From Topic: Some more updates...

I am keyboard shortcut enthusiast. Please edit your earlier thread OP from several days ago to reflect how the new shortcut actually works - this will avoid confusion for people.

I had not been to forum for a month and initially read earlier thread, then fortunately looked at this one as well. If I had simply tried things immediately I would have thought it was a buy, but indeed the keyboard combo was changed then modified.

Love the improvements and TD. Shortcuts make my work more efficient.

You might want to add to your list of short cuts that one can access via "?" that shift+? will close that tip.

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Posted: Jun 16, 2010

Two related suggestions to make the "News" forum more user friendly:

1) Put date that you first create the topic in the Subject. In that way reader knows when the topic was initiated rather than seeing it at the top of the listings because someone had sent a thank you comment, or other reply.

2) This would take more work than #1 but give even greater flexibility for reader - create a toggle so that the Topic list could be sorted by most recent post date/date topic was created(this might also need to allow for sorting ascending/descending by date although a default of newest date first would probably work fine as well).

While the above is small request it might be particularly helpful to new people coming to News the first time or for old timers who go to News infrequently.

Thanks, Edward

This message was edited Jun 16, 2010.

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

Thx; being able to locate Note icon on left is a huge time saver for me.

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

Thx The Griff; After I posted I went to News and read what the update was about and how to use it. So glad to have that option.

Posted: Jun 16, 2010

Personally I find this new interface a downgrade as it pushes the Notes icon even further away on my screen. TD has great flexibility in most areas so would love it if one had a choice of the horizontal order that the 4 icons and the Notes icon appear so have one can have their cake and eat to.

I use Notes icon for virtually all Parents and for probably 1/3rd of my Children. I am in and out of Notes probably 5 to 10 times before I am at the point of clicking a box to say that the item is completed, so personally a huge time saver for me would be to have Note icon at far left. I also rarely use Star (I know others rely on it daily/hourly), so again my wish for end user flexibility.

Posted: Apr 15, 2010

As a keyboard shortcut proponent as a more effective means of entry I agree with @eykanal request.

Posted: Apr 01, 2010

I am about to launch a friend into TD & find I am learning more after almost a year. The Simple website (http://www.toodledo.com/html/) version and the Slim website (http://www.toodledo.com/slim/) offer a different way to interact with tasks.

1) Any tips/thoughts on when and how you use either?
2) Simple website offers nice way to edit all fields in a task. Would love to see the "Pencil" icon in "Full website" and would love a keyboard shortcut to toggle easily between "Full website" and Simple website and have cursor remain on same task/subtask.

The default values that you can set for new tasks were made to work on our slim website, simple website,

Posted: Apr 01, 2010

This is wonderful and makes for > efficiency. Been with TD nearly a year and am about to launch a friend so was prepping training. Can't believe that I just now found these shortcuts as I'm a bit of keyboard junkie.
Thx, Edward

Posted: Mar 30, 2010

Alan as work around to get you partially there simply edit your folder names so that you have 1. 2. 3. at the beginning. Not as elegant and takes up more space, but you'll know the numbers.

Given the much higher priorities imhop for developer time I think all of us need to put up with certain annoyances and our wish-list to allow for focus on what are probably higher priorities.

Personally I have the labels on my folders down to 2 or 3 letter acronym so that the Folder tabs take up as little room as possible and in fact I use the keyboard shortcut to move around so much I have the Folder and # memorized.

Posted: Mar 25, 2010

Yes, an interesting idea and am surprised so little activity on this thread. Personally I'd hope that if this were implemented in any way that there would be significant restraints that TD would impose.

While at first glance I find it appealing to be able to vote with my dollars there are also drawbacks to the pay-to-play-influence model. To me the most obvious ways that I'd want to see as limits are: a) A feature (or modification) of a feature to be done would not impinge on other users and what they want to do; and b) that the amount of time monthly that TD would spend on such customer paid for tweaks/changes be limited to < 5% of development time.

There are many tweaks (color to stars; more keyboard shortcuts) that most likely would neither add clutter or impinge on others who could easily choose not to use them, but for many other things there is active and worthwhile debate in forum on best ways to bring about a new feature or modify things. One thing that I and many comment about is the responsiveness of TD to listen to and interact with users. Potentially creating a class of users who have more clout due to finances could be risky to the overall community feeling.

More importantly I think TD is in the best place to make choices about time/energy investment in developing the tool in an overall and comprehensive manner rather than paid-for tweaks around the edges.

Posted: Mar 25, 2010

Glad that you value TD as a tool in your life. strongly recommend Pro acct which is quite inexpensive and some of that money would support development including perhaps UI changes.

Posted by Linh:
Hi, I really like Toodledo free and have some questions.

4) The website interface is not that great. I just enjoy looking at the minimalist and elegant interfaces of RTM and ToDoist. I still chose to use Toodledo because of the features and the generous free version. I had originally typed up a request for an interface overhaul and see that others have asked for the same. So here’s another voice for this request.
Thanks Toodledo!

Posted: Mar 24, 2010

Thanks Rich; I'm focused on getting things done for upcoming company seminar so will be a while before I can try out your script. Will be sure to let you know of any other keyboard short cut functionality that would improve productivity. I know from other threads perhaps 8 months ago that there are many TD users who strongly prefer keyboard shortcuts to mousing.

Posted: Mar 23, 2010

For those who might be completely ignorant/new to Greasemonkey could you give a brief description of steps one would need to take to try out your script. It sounds like it adds very nice user functionality to TD and since I am a keyboard shortcut advocate and I am happy to read that this is nicely implemented.

Again, my ignorance but am I correct that the script is only useful when using TD with the Firefox add-on.

Thanks for sharing this.

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

While I follow some of the principles of GTD, I also find for myself that having a due date is motivating to me. When I enter a due date that is not actually a hard time date e.g. an appointment with a client then I also always enter a time and use 1:11am 2:22am 3:33am 4:44am and 5:55am. Since are obvious to me as tasks that would not actually be due on that day and time I know that the timing has special meaning for me; namely, if it is 1:11am I really should complete the task as there are significant consequences for missing it; and on down the line where 5:55 means it would be nice to complete it but not at all necessary.

While I might use Priority to accomplish much of the same thing, I find it much easier to enter a Date and Time in this manner. And entering the time by repeating say the 2 key three times is very quick and easy.

Other good suggestions in the above posts.


Posted: Mar 04, 2010
From Topic: Making TD a habit

Posted by non-profitToolbox.com:
Hi all,

I still resort to my brain or paper when I'm in a hurry and I know this isn't the most efficient way and things get lost and done out of order.


For me, at times "resorting to brain or paper" post-it actually works extremely well and is far more effective than taking the time to put it in to TD.

The key for me is letting my "system" slowly evolve so that it really supports me and not being slavish about it. If I can trust that in different circumstances what I need to use to support me is different and then observe whether it is effective I can use that feedback to determine the system that really works. Self-observation as a feedback mechanism is for me all of what it is about. Some days I purposely avoid using TD at all and by intentionally giving up on my "system" I learn about what it does and does not do for me; experiment and observe.

Even when I enter things in TD the level of detail and what fields are used are varied to suit the particular task/subtask. Cookie cutters are for making cookies, but not for supporting my life.
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