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Posted: Oct 27, 2009

If you set up a repeat item with a reminder, the reminders stop coming if you miss marking one of them as completed. This behavior is not correct. Just because you missed checking off a daily item yesterday doesn't mean you don't want to be reminded again today. A repeat reminder should go off no matter what happened the times before.

Toodledudes: you need to fix this.

Posted: May 29, 2009

I confirmed it. The wretched sidebar (slim site) doesn't show any tasks with priority -1. I can't believe it. That definitely needs to get fixed in the next version of the slim site. There should be a setting on the slim site settings page for the minimun priority to display, rather than summarily throwing away the -1's. That was an exceptionally poor programming decision. It's highly counterintuitive and limits the sidebar's use severely.

At the very least, the documentation needs to call this out so that others don't waste time trying to figure it out. The documentation also incorrectly indicates that the sidebar shows your Hotlist, which is not true. Other than the egregious omission of -1 priority tasks, the sidebar (slim site) is virtually a reflection of the full page site. It it weren't for that, I would use it exclusively, since it is much handier that lest disruptive that redirecting your work to full site.

Posted: May 29, 2009

I think I am on to the problem. It's not displaying tasks with a priority that is negative. It just so happens that I leave subtasks with a negative priority, so it appeared fortuitously that it wasn't displaying subtasks. I recall a setting somewhere for the lowest level of priority to display (somewhere), but I have been combing through my account settings for 15 minutes now and can't find it. I think it was actually in the iPhone App, which shouldn't have any effect on the sidebar. The sidebar settings themselves have no mention of it. In fact, the settings there are ridiculously sparse compared to the full page or the iPhone App.

I'll post again if I finally hack through it myself. Also, it obviously isn't an Addon conflict, since as I mentioned, I get the same result using a mobile device or Internet Explorer on the slim page.

Posted: May 29, 2009

Has anyone else had the Firefox sidebar (or slim version for mobile) stop working after upgrading to a Pro account? Mine is an incomplete mess that only shows a few of my tasks in each folder. It seems to be frozen in some earlier state and won't sync, despite forcing it to do so ('Refresh Lists') with the Firefox Addon, repeated uninstall/reinstalls of the Firefox Addon, and hours of other hacking and settings twiddling. I get the same problem with all computers, browsers, and mobile devices I use to access my list.

This appears to me to be a major bug in the slim version of the site. It worked fine before I upgraded to Pro, so I am guessing that it due to incomplete implementation of the subtasks feature. Any one else getting this? More importantly, has anyone found a workaround? When I reported it, I was thanked and told it would go on a list.