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Posted: Apr 09, 2013

I am aware that you can email a task to ToodleDo and use hashtags in the Subject Line to send it to a specific folder or context. Is there currently a method to do the same thing using only an email address?

Here's the use case I'm thinking of:
I want to see a list of things I'm waiting for, e.g. people I'm waiting to reply to emails.

I could achieve this by copying in ToodleDo to any emails I send that I want an answer to, so that a task is also created in ToodleDo.

I'd like these 'waiting for' tasks to go to a specific folder.

I don't want to put tags in the Subject Line as this will confuse the person I send the original email to.

I thought a solution to this might be to use gmail's system of 'linked' emails (e.g. if I have a google email that is user@gmail.com, I can also send emails to user@gmail+task.com and it will still come to my google email address). So, if I could crate an email called user@toodledo.com+waiting, whenever something was sent to this email it would create a new task in my waiting folder (I hope that makes sense!)

Anyway, if you can think of any way I can achieve this without hashtags in the subject line I'd be very grateful

Many thanks,

Posted: Dec 10, 2012

The latest iOS update for the ToodleDo app led to quite a lot of negative comments from the community (constructive criticism, but probably not the reaction hoped for). I just wanted to say thanks to Jake in open forum for handling the comments so well. He has clearly listened to the community and allowed us to return to the previous much loved version - a decision I suspect was very difficult. So, much kudos to you Jake - it takes a big person to make the tough decisions. You seem to have a very loyal following of people who love and rely on ToodleDo - I hope this fact keeps you going!

Very much appreciated,

Posted: Dec 01, 2012

Is anyone struggling with the two big bugs that are now causing me a major headache?

1) Unresponsive - i.e. tasks don't mark as done for at least 5 seconds after you click on the 'tick box' to show you've completed them.

2) Ignoring system defaults - when I create a new task it always defaults it as 'due by' TOMORROW, instead of TODAY (which is what my default specifies). It also shows the TOMORROW list by default instead of TODAY.

I'd love to get these two bugs fixed....major pain at the moment :(

Thanks for listening,

Posted: Nov 30, 2012


Putting subjective preferences to one side, this latest redesign definitely brings some significant problems. I've watched the rating of ToodleDo on the iPhone app store rapidly decline as people use this as a mechanism to log their dissatisfaction. A lot of these comments seem to belong to the same category of 'you fixed something that wasn't broken'. They see the problems and not any of your new improvements. I imagine this must be a worry.

My main concern is with some fundamental bugs:
1) Responsiveness has suddenly become very poor - e.g. I can mark a task as done by clicking on the 'tickbox' icon next to the task and it just does't respond for ages (minutes before the tick appears to show it is doen). Clearly broken.

2) Important system defaults are being ignored - for example, I set my defaults so that I always see today's list and that new tasks are defaulted to TODAY. This always used to work fine. Now...it seems like a crap shoot. A new task is assigned any manner of odd defaults (tomorrow, 2 days from now, next week???) and my task list rarely defaults to showing TODAY's tasks. This can be very confusing if you don't keep an eye out.

These are not subjective preferences - they are 'show stoppers'. These two things alone are enough for me to now lose trust in the app to keep track of my important tasks. If the app doesn't behave consistently and properly, you can't trust it. TRUST is a key issue for any organiser app like a Task List or Calendar.

I really hope you get these basics fixed. I really can't see how these basic things didn't get spotted in your initial early testing. I always loved your app - now I'm worried I'm going to have to give it up (and I certainly can't recommend to friends).

Sorry to moan on this open forum, but I guess it is better than marking you down in the app store (and I can only submit one issue a day with your help system, which is pretty frustrating even though I understand why).

Good luck with fixing some of this stuff,