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Posted: Aug 31, 2009


Thank you very much, indeed!

Posted: Aug 31, 2009

You are absolutely correct. If I use the browser refresh button to do a full refresh on the entire page, after navigating to the individual saved searches, the lists display as expected.

Thanks for the extremely quick reply, Toodledo! And I love the new update! :)

Posted: Aug 31, 2009

UPDATE: Since Toodledo is aware of the bug, and actively working to fix it, I am removing the screenshots that I posted below. The links will no longer work.

I have two saved searches. One is titled Work Review List and one is titled Work To-Do List.

Work Review List:
Checked Off: no
And Context is Work
And Folder is Career
And Status is Next Action
Or Status is Waiting
Or Status is Reference
Or Staus is Someday
Or Status is Active

Work To-Do List:
Checked Off: no
And Context is Work
And Folder is Career
And Status is Next Action
Or Status is Reference

I have a task called 'PAY ATTENTION TO ME!' (Folder: Career, Context: Work, Status: Active), which is a child task of parent 'Complete August Status Report' (Folder: Career, Context: Work, Status: Reference).

I have subtasks set to INDENTED.

I would expect that 'Complete August Status Report' would appear on both lists.

I would expect that 'PAY ATTENTION TO ME!' (PATM) would only appear on the Work Review List.

In reality, it sometimes appears on both and sometimes appears on neither.

I click on Work Review List (task PATM appears correctly on the list)

I click on Work To-Do List (task PATM appears incorrectly on the list)

I click on modify search on Work To-Do List and then execute the search.

I click on Work To-Do List (task PATM correctly does not appear on the list.)

I click on Work Review List (task PATM incorrectly does not appear on the list).

I click on modify search on Work Review List and then execute the search.

I click on Work Review List (task PATM correctly appears on the list)

I click on Work To-Do List (task PATM incorrectly appears on the list)

I am using Firefox 3.5.2 and have no scripts (Greasemonkey or otherwise) running against Toodledo.

Nathan Nontell

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Posted: Aug 05, 2009
From Topic: GTD Flowchart

Posted by Claudio:

For those of you that use a Moleskine, do you also carry around a calendar, an address book, and a cell phone?

No snark intended. Serious question.


Unfortunately, I do not have an iPhone. I assure you that I will the moment they are no longer officially tied to AT&T, but that's another matter.

I do not have a paper-based calendar or address book.

I use Google calendar, which my Outlook calendar at work synchs to. Then my girlfriend and I both share our calendars with each other, and we have a shared Maybe calendar that we can both update with potential things to do. I am able to add items to my Google calendar through SMS on my cellphone, but I generally choose to write it down and add it during processing time.

I use Gubb.net to keep lists (grocery, movies I'd like to see, etc). I can check these lists, or add items to them, through SMS, and I frequently do. If you haven't tried it out, I recommend it... but it is pretty slow and I don't TRUST it like I do Toodledo.

Lastly, there's Toodledo. This is where I keep my projects and actions. Often times, when I'm out and about, I think of something that needs to get done. If the next action is self-evident, then I might send a direct tweet to Toodledo and add it to my Next Actions. However, frequently it takes further evaluation before a next action can be arrived at. So, I write it down in my Moleskine. Yes, I know that I could just send it in with no context, or a variety of other ways to indicate that it is part of my Inbox, but I just simply prefer to write it down.

Also, I find it comes in very handy when I need to do some impromptu brainstorming. Not to mention, it is just always handy to have a pen with you. :)

I took a couple quick pics of my Moleskin and Spacepen, so that you can see just how small they are. If you are not familiar, the spacepen is 3.75" long when closed.


Posted: Aug 04, 2009
From Topic: GTD Flowchart

Posted by Lance:

For less than a dollar, I can pick up a Mead notepad and slip inside my 15 year old leather wallet. Coupled with my 5 year old Fisher space pen, I have my ubiquitous 'capture' device that goes everywhere.

The Fisher Space Pen is amazing isn't it?

I do, however, spend a few extra dollars and buy the Moleskine Volant Ruled Extra Small notebooks. If you haven't ever used them, you should check them out!

Posted: Jul 30, 2009
From Topic: GTD Flowchart

Proximo, you must have got it just in time, as it appears that the Flickr user who had posted it has taken it down. Wonder if David's company issued a take-down notice or if he just did it of his own volition.

Posted: Jul 27, 2009
From Topic: GTD Flowchart

I thought some of you might enjoy this. It's a very nice (and extremely detailed!) flowchart of the GTD system from the GTD Summit in San Francisco.


Posted: Jul 20, 2009

Posted by David Johns:
How did you set your tab order
Here is a screencast regarding problem

I am using Firefox on Windows. I was able to achieve the desired behavior by going into about:config and changing accessibility.tabfocus to a 3.

A full explanation is available at http://www.ghacks.net/2009/04/13/quick-jump-to-text-fields-in-firefox/

Posted: Jul 14, 2009

Thanks, Anders. :)

I've been reading around and have also noticed that to be the case, and probably the way that I will set up my initial system.

Thanks for the prompt reply, though!

Posted: Jul 14, 2009

It would be a very welcome addition to be able to create new folders (projects) and even contexts on the fly when creating a new task.

I have just finished reading GTD and am interested in finding the correct tools to give it a go. Toodledo seems extremely promising, but I immediately noticed that I couldn't create a task, and then put it into a new folder (project)... You either have to put the folder out there first, or remember to create it and then add the task to it. I'm not ready to call this a deal-breaker, but I would certainly be more inclined to invest in Toodledo as my GTD tool if it sounded like this was fairly high on the developer's todo list.