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Posted: Nov 29, 2012
From Topic: View Specific Sorting

One of the things that I really enjoy is the sorting functionality. The interface for sorting is among the best I have ever used in a task manager.

The web app remembers the sort order based on the view you are in. Due Date / Context / Search etc

This is incredibly powerful, however the IOS app doesn't do this. When you adjust your sort order it will follow each view. I end up changing the sort order of the tasks for each view that I enter.

Posted: Sep 20, 2010


I am having an issue of getting my tasks to sync with the iOS version of Toodledo on my iPad.

I have around 990 in my Toodledo Account, I am having a problem getting them all synced with my iPad.

It seems to hit a point in the sync where the app will randomly quit / crash on my iPad. When I look at the total tasks it lists somewhere between 400 or 500 tasks that it sees. I can leave it syncing for another hour or so and no matter how long I leave it there it eventually crashes again.

I have the same version of the App on my iPhone and it was able to get through it. It's an iPhone 4 that I believe has 2x the RAM as the iPad. I am not sure if that makes any difference.

I love Toodledo and I am very excited to get my iPad app working. If there are any hints or info about why this happens I would love to hear about it.